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Monday, August 13, 2007

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Well long weekend. Friday was pretty hectic since my aunt planned everything and did nothing to help us prepare like she said she would. So in the end, me and my sister ended up preparing all day with no help from my aunt. We worked all day friday and all morning saturday with no help from my aunt who seemed to have disappeared for the past few days. as if she was purposefully avoiding us. So when we made our family shirts, we messed up on hers and her kids on purpose since they never help with anything at all with anything. I can't wait till they move out.

so the party finally started. My mom came back looking as sexy as ever. haha. XD so I was in charge of the birthday card and pictures but soon after that totally went out the window when my sister bailed on her job and made me in charge of her job too. Then everyone started to slack on their jobs and I was beyond frustrated that I was the only one trying to stick with the damn schedule. I had to cry a little. my sister talked to me a little and I felt a little better and just gave up on the party and let things be.

The good thing though, was that my mom was having an awesome time which made me happy because the other night, my aunt also celebrated her birthday and my mom was kind of out casted, which also made me really mad because that's just messed up when you do that to family. So I'm glad she had a really good time. Actually, both my parents had a lot of fun. even better. haha.

the next morning, we were awoken early to clean up the mess =.= but luckily it wasn't as bad as our other parties. phew. that morning my dad was still wanting to party some more. lol.

so after cleaning up we went to my other cousins birthday party. we got there kind of early and it was boring as hell. so we just kind of sat there for a while. Then we left for a while to go to the mall to just kind of walk around. Got a few more pairs of flip flops then left because the mall closes early on sundays. came back to the party and it was still boring as hell. My dad then stole my sisters car so we were stuck. But lucky for us, my older cousin came and was also bored as hell so he dropped me and my sister off at home. We then left to blockbusters to rent some vids. we watched movies for the rest of the night.

and today not as eventful either. got woken up and dragged to the gym in an attempt to lose some weight. oh joy. haha. so all of us were practically dead [and hungry] after the gym. so we decided to go to In N Out. [haha i know...ruins the point of the gym] we were like starving hobos. As soon as we finished eating, we watched click [again]. And that's about it. :]

Summer is going by so fast. *sigh* I need more summer time. :[ next week I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. =.= I ♥ swollen faces. [rolls eyes].well I'll try to visit alla yalls. XDD

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