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Saturday, July 21, 2007

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man. summer school has been really kicking my ass lately. which explains my unfulfilled promises [my apologies] of updating. Blame summer school for this. I can't wait till its over. but then right after the whole month of august its gonna be busy as hell. I know for sure as soon as school starts i'll be on more often because i'm suffering during the summer for it. My senior year is definitely gonna stay chill so its almost a promise unless my computer dies on me again.

and yes my computer did die on me. which was also a part of why I did not update. My computer finally decided to go wacko on me recently. and I had also gotten into an argument with my older cousin who was supposed to help me with my computer. but luckily my sisters friend came to my rescue and formatted my computer for me. He even helped me install microsoft vista for me. I really thought it wouldnt work because i heard all these stories of people who installed it and it didnt work for them because their computers did not have the necessary components or something. I dont know but i guess mine did. so yeah. i love it. i can finally copy and paste!!!!!!!!!! WOOT. :] I have still yet to experiment with PS CS3. It's a little overwelming because i all of a sudden went from PS7 to CS3. haha. ^^' to bad all the brushes and everything was lost. *shrug*.

I don't wanna talk about the argument my cousin and I had gotten into. It's quite stupid [on his part] for him to get mad and take it out on me. so now me and him are just w/e to each other. we dont even talk anymore. mainly because its his fault but he's too stubborn to apologize for it.

so today my sister, brother, my other 2 cousins, and I went to the movies to watch "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry". It's a hilarious movie if you're in a neutral stance on homosexuality. I think most people will enjoy it unless you're a homophobe. I love Adam Sandler's movies. I love him. XDDD overall a fairly awesome movie. go watch it unless you're sensitive to the whole homo thing. but overall a pro gay marriage movie. its funnay. :]

I'll try to visit but I can't guarantee anything since my day will be busy. I'll be spending about 6 hours at a car wash fundraiser then i have to go to my friends pool party >.o i wont be swimming though. I probably won't stay long though. dont know yet.

i hope i survive summer school. I have the same teacher for 5 hours. =.= *sigh*

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