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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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Hey guys. It's been a while since I've updated. Sorry about that. I said I would update when I got back from AX but things got in the way and yeah. But now I finally found some time to tell my story. :]


Ok so Thursday night, my sisters boyfriend slept over so we didn't have to pick him up the next day. The only problem with this plan was that we had to constantly hide him from my aunt, who was put in charge after my parents had left for Australia. Lucky us, she never came to check up on us like my mom would do in the middle of the night. So we had all planned to try to stay up all night, but that went flying out the window. We all knocked out within an hour. haha. Earlier we had tried to fit the pool side chairs into my dad's escalade but they were too tall so they didn't fit. damn. I really wanted to bring those too. But we managed to pack almost everything including luggage and anything we wanted to bring for the weekend. We had a huge bag just for junk food. haha. it was the best. XDD

So friday morning, my stupid brother decides to come into our room at 5:45 AM and wake us up. =.= man I felt REALLY dead. sheesh. after a little bickering about who should get up first, we finally all just got up and got ready to go with some last minute packing. We then got some light breakfast and went to pick up my older cousin who was driving us there. He was as dead as we were. haha. He's a worse morning person than us. haha. The drive there wasn't as bad. My sister and cousin made the traffic sound so bad, but once we were in there, it wasn't even as bad as they described it. pft. When we arrived though, my face just dropped. The line was FREAKIN long. The longest line I've ever seen. But then again the first day always has the most people because everyone needs to pick up their badge. After my oldest cousin there, dropped us off at AX, we decided to try to get some food around the area. The Hyatt hotel buffet was pretty close so we went there. I had breakfast already so I told the lady that I wasn't going to get food. But when we passed the bagels, I lost it. I begged my younger cousin to sneak me a bagel, which later on backfired on us. The waitress lady came up to me and my cousin and told us that they were watching us the whole time. Lucky us, she didn't charge us. There was no way I was going to pay 16 bucks for just one bagel. cmon. so we finally walked ALL the way back to the Hilton Hotel [which was the farthest hotel from the convention center]. After walking in the sun for the longest time, we finally got there. We waited for HOURS upon hours just waiting for a room. The front desk told us they had two room [of three] ready and getting cleaned up. so we waited some more. we went up again and asked about that room and they said, they didn't have any rooms for us! >[ WTF!!! That's so BS. I swear. So we later went up again and asked them and they said they had one room getting cleaned up so we said ok. we waited until 3pm [check in time] and they still didn't have any rooms for us. I swear. Bad service. and when we finally DID get our rooms, they weren't even the rooms we had requested. We were supposed to have all the rooms with 3 queen beds. but two of them were one king and a cot/rollover. I was pretty pissed off from falling asleep so many times in the hotel lobby already. But it was better than nothing. They told us we could switch our rooms the next day, so we planned just that. we dropped off our stuff in the room and finally left to go get our badges.

So we got there and there was STILL this HUGEASS line. Lucky us, those were for the people who didn't pre-register. suckers. turns out, there was no line for the pre-registered people so they just stuck us in the front of the line straight into the building. haha. WHOO! so once we got in, we had to walk in the sun some more. =.= freakin A. By the time we actually got inside, the exhibit halls we closing in ten minutes. =.= wtf. so we had to rush around just looking, since we were planning to buy stuff on sunday instead because its cheaper. The exhibit hall was fairly smaller than last year. actually WAY smaller than last year. I think they made the wrong choice to relocate it in Long Beach this year. Many would agree with me if you were actually there. Many of the BIG companies didn't even show. For example, Tokypop. Where the hell were they?? And I also found that the majority of the shops sold the exact same things the other booths right next to them were selling. talk about variety. *sigh*. So after we left the convention center, my sister picked us up and met up with my other cousins and his friends. we were all tired and starving by then. So we walked around all around that area, and my god. everywhere was PACKED beyond belief. Long Beach's population had tripled overnight. Really. So we had to walk pretty far to find a place that wasn't packed beyond belief. After having dinner we all walked back to the hotel. It actually felt really nice at night so the walk was fine. By the time we got back into our room, we were all pretty exhausted from the day. now...sleeping arrangements. We had to move around all the furniture to set up an air bed. So my sister and her boyfriend slept on the king bed. I slept of the rollover/cot. my brother slept on the ever deflating air bed, and my cousin slept on the little sofa in the room. We all fell asleep freezing our asses off, because everyone was to lazy to get up and turn the ac temp higher. haha. so we just suffered all night. Lol.

I think the post has gone long enough. I'll continue this into three parts for the three days we stayed at long beach. PART 1 END.

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