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Sunday, May 27, 2007

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Name: Sara
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well these past two days were eventful. :] On friday after school I had to rush to the office to turn on my SCOC [BigBrother/BigSister] form. basicly they help the new student to the school and try to make them feel welcome and if they need help they'll just come to us seniors next year. I'm not too passionate about the freshman but I guess I can tolerate them. Lately freshmans coming into our school have become as mature as Kindergarteners. But this program will look really good on my transcript so I'm gonna do it. :] then I went to the mall to buy my POTC tickets for saturday afternoon. after that i went to my friends house for a little bit. We then hung out at my cousins house. It was fun. Then I dropped off my friend at her house then at the movies. I had to wait till my parents were out of the house then I smuggled my brother and cousin XDDD. we went bowling again since saturday there wasn't any bowling. Last week was the end of the season. We barely came home in time to avoid my mom and dad catching us. XDD

Saturday - The whole morning I just kind of sat there on my computer. then when I was about to leave to the theaters, my mom made me and my sister make food for the family. =.= she could've told us earlier. geeze. so we made food and gobbled everything. XD so we went to the movies like 2 hours early. haha. so like an hour before the movie started we lined up OUTSIDE. =.= I swear I was about to get deep fried. We waited forever >.< both my legs turned red. T.T we watched the movie. IT WAS SO GOOD! I ♥ Jack Sparrow. XD after that we came home and made dinner. after dinner we went bowling AGAIN. but at the other bolwing alley, they had this special where you pay $30 to play unlimited games from 11PM to 1AM. totally worth it. so we were there until like 1:20. XD

and that brings my day to a close. :] We might go to the beach after my moms is done making dumplings. XDD I are SOOOO HUNGRY!!!!!!! *runs around the house like a beast*


NekoNoKuro - Yeah I have watched The Ring. It wasn't really scary at all, just a little suspense and disturbing images. Makes you somewhat freaked out about wells but thats about it. I've seen worse. i dont think its possible to make me capitalize properly. XDDDD

AnimeFantasy - yeah it opened earlier over here too. I think they did that with most movie theaters. It opened around 9PM on thursday for us. *shrug* I would've gone but I kind of have a driving curfew and i would die in the crowd. XDD

Munky - Mr Englans IS funny. He likes to make fun of people. He's a really cool guy. He especially likes to make fun of britney spears...and plus he nonstop curses. haha. it's amusing.

ELVES - GASP! I wish we had German in our school. I totally want to learn German, but then again next year we're going to have Korean. *shrug* i think that' pretty cool.

I think that's all for now.

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