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Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Yay. another update. I told myself to update yesterday but I got distracted big time. I even forgot almost everything I was going to say. haha. So I'll just talk about yesterday since it's currently morning and I am on the school computer. I really don't like IE. =.=

Ok so yesterday we had shortened periods because of the Pops assembly. the only problem is that we had TRIPLE second period. =.= we have too many people at our school so we had to do 3 assemblies. my god. so at the assembly we had our chanteurs [men&women singing/dancing group] and our symphony orchestra and concert band play. I really like the concert choir too. they were really good. Chanteurs did an amazing job as always. But the group I liked the most was orchestra directed by my old choir teacher, Mr. England. he's REALLY good and he's pretty funny too. I óż him. :] So....the reason I óż'ed orchestra's performance so much is because they played a medley of a whole bunch of POTC music in dedication to the 3rd movie thats coming out friday [I think]. I really want to watch the movie!! but I already know that it'll be SUPER packed the opening weekend. i was thinking maybe next week but if my friend invites me to go on saturday, I might go with her. XDD

triple second was SO freakin long. I was in there for over an hour. =.= The good thing is that it was my japanese class AND my teacher was nice enough to let us watch a movie most of the period. :] she's cool.

the rest of the day was a blurr. might not be able to visit as much today because I'll be staying after school for a few hours staying with my friend. She's having an interview to get into the schools news channel [not sure what you would call it but it's when the students do the news casting on tv once a week to update the school on blah blah blah]. And then when i get home after that I know that I'll be spending at least an hour helping my mom around the kitchen for dinner. Then we eat, then i do the dishes. by then a couple of hours already passed. So I pretty much will only have like an hour to visit everyone. *sigh* i need more time in my life. T.T

hm. don't know what else to say....Oh. I also put new music up. it's my favorite song from LP's new album. :] enjoy

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