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Monday, May 14, 2007

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May 13 11:01PM

well my weekend was pretty good. Right after dinner, my cousins picked me and my sister up to go to my aunts place which is like a 40 minute drive. [she lives in burbank]. On our way there we got lost cuz we couldnt find the street we were supposed to turn into. so we drove around for a while. then we finally found the street. my sister wrote down the wrong street address. haha. what a loser. so yeah. we went over there to visit my aunt [she's really young. she's like 26]. her boyfriend was sick so he was sleeping. we ate some of his dads cooking and holy mother. he makes the best viet food EVER. it was so good. we like gobbled everything. lol my family eats A LOT.

ok so after eating and talking for a couple of hours, we went inside and played the wii and jenga. my aunt just recently bought the wario smooth moves game and wow. that is one fun game. i couldnt get off it all night. haha. we weren't allowed to leave until i broke a record. XDDD and of course, being as skilled as i am, i beat it like crazy. kahaha. my older cousin KO'ed on the sofa. lol. and my oldest cousin [24] came and visited with her baby too. XDD her son is SOOO cute. he's so fat. lol. he's really funny.

saturday, went bowling, as always. for once i didn't do bad. O_O ZOMG. lol. went home for awhile after then went out with my friend to help him get mothers day gift for his mom. he's so clueless. haha. my god. then we went to the mall and looked around. after that i treated him to food and we finally had some alone time to actually catch up. it's been a while. i never got the chance to talk to him alone. :] it was good. then after i dropped him off, i went to my cousins house to eat dinner. me and my other older cousin fell asleep on the floor while waiting for my mom to show up for dinner. lol. he was gonna send me the new linkin park songs but we didnt have time. :[ bummer. later that night we went bowling. again. but this time it was just for fun. there were these REALLY annoying people next to us though. i hate it when people start screaming and yelling when they get a spare. ugh. i swear. and then when the neon lights and music went on, they went ballistic as if they were on drugs or something. so immature. when we got back, my dad opened my aunts truck and WHAM his heavy bowling bag lands straight onto his shins. >.O and his bag was HEAVY and plastic. haha. oh man. i felt so bad for him. :[ he told me his whole shin area was bruised up that night. he put one of those patch thingies on it and it didnt swell as much anymore. dang.

this morning i canceled my art class to stay home with my mom since it was MOTHERS DAY. my aunt tried to make us go eat with her without inviting my mom. we told her we wouldnt go then she got all mad. i mean seriously. its mothers day and you expect us to go eat without our own mom. psh. so finally she convinces my mom to go with her, but we ended up picking the place. so we went out to eat Pho but the place was PACKED! we had to park in the street. lol. so later my mom went shopping for food for dinner and my dad dropped us back home. me and my sister ran to her car and left right away hoping to make it before my mom came back. so we went to target and bought a whole bunch of balloons and a helium tank and poster and decorative stuff. by the time we came home, my mom was already home so i had my sister walk in first while i bring all the stuff to our back door [which is conveniently located in our room] and she open the door. so me and my sister decorated a poster, blew up the whole bag of balloons and made all these folded up hearts. each heart had a reason why we loved my mom. we had a whole box full the hearts. my mom later went out with my dad to check out a house. so me and my sister ran into her room with all the balloons and stuff. i think we had like 30 balloons in her room. we had the poster on her bed with a whole bunch of rose pedals on her bed with a single red rose. later that night she went into her room and she was wowed. ^_^ we then later gave her the box full of hearts. we also snuck in this one little books full of quotes by famous people about motherhood. i could tell she was really happy. i ♥ it when my mom smiles. :]

and that pretty much summarized my weekend. i know....LONG. XDD

dammit. i still have homework to do. =.=

Oh yeah. i forgot to mention. I have recently started to upload music to my music dump site again. so i fyou want to check it out, the link is above my post. :]

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