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Thursday, May 10, 2007

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May 9th 2007 10:32PM

and it's another update. Whoo. I just recently got my 5,000th visits. :] It's been a while since I have announced anything like this especially with my non-consistent posting style. haha. but of course its nothing compared to some of you guys out there. XD

anyways. last night stayed up till after 3AM working on my stupid history notebook. SOO tired. =.= and it didn't help the fact that it's still around 80 degrees at midnight. my god. it didn't start cooling down until it was almost 2. I HATE CALIFORNIA WEATHER O_O!!!! I wish I lived in Alaska right now. That would be nice. It feels so good over there during the summer. or maybe australia. they're having their winter right now.

anyways. today after school, the school district sent the high school me certificate for the superintendent's award about my drawing that will be in display in this years art show. *shrug* The thing I've been anticipating from school right now is when I will be getting my other painting back from the patriotic contest. A lady is supposedly coming sometime this month to give us our prizes. yay! :]

sorry I wasn't able to visit everyone. I got distracted by the Wii the whole night. haha. I'm trying to make my Mii character's into pro status for all the sports. XDD I'm starting to like the tennis now. :)

For those who missed the link to my friends site yesterday, the link is in my "friends section" under the name "Munky". :] Go spam her some more if you have to. XDDDD

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