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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

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Name: Sara
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well guys. thanks for those who left comments on my wallpaper. For those who missed it, you can just visit my portfolio because I'm too lazy to have the link up again. XD If I have time on Friday I might make another. Maybe.

Well this morning woke up and felt like crap and couldn't get out of bed from staying up all night finishing up my History notebook and painting. So I decided to just not go to school. haha. During lunch bought some Jamba Juice for my friends then right after my mom invited me to go eat lunch with my dad. Came home and visited sites then picked up my cousin. She bought me a drink and went to Kragen to get those windshield blocker things to prevent my butt from burning. So from now on, my butt will burn no longer!!!! THANK GOODNESS! then I went home.

My cousin wouldn't stop complaining all day because my mom took away his laptop because she was constantly on WOW literally 24/7. He needed a life. so all day the only thing he would do was mope around and making this REALLY annoying whining sound. Drove me crazy. Helped my mom make dinner and washed my sister's car in the dark. whooo. I'm pretty sure we did a horrible job but hey, at least she can see through her back window now. lmao. the only time she would get a carwash was when she was getting an oil change, because they washed it for her. XDD what a loser. so her car always looks brown instead of black.

oh yes. I was talking about my friend on MyO last time. I finally think that her site is ready. I'm not sure if she thinks its ready but i think it is so yes. GO SPAM HER PAGE!!!!!!! BWAHAAAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!!!

[[MUNKY]] <------- Go visit her. :] She's funny.

toodles children. XD

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