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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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Name: Sara
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hey guys. :] well today was another one of those days where the weather was crappy as hell. It was around 103 degrees outside when i finally went into my car after school. the only that sucks about black leather is that it burns like a mother. seriously. and it was all humid today too. almost like in hawaii [yes i have actually been there]. felt "dirty" and crappy all day.

currently working on my school art project and its such a hassle. I hate painting at home. =.= but so far its been nothing but good so hopefully it'll turn out good. If i get the chance to, I'll upload it when I'm done. :]

About a week ago, I started to make wallpapers again. I kept forgetting to put up the link. This time I remembered. KAHAHA. [LINKAGE]. I might start to make the wallpapers more often. I don't know. I got so used to making sig pieces that I think I suck at wallpapers now. haha. I seriously believe this. Don't try to convince me that it is not so. I will eat you if you do. :]

Well, today I got the application to work at Baskin-Robbins [since I ♥ ice cream so much]. My sister even agreed that I should apply. :] The people there are really nice too. I just hope that I will be hired since its really hard to get a job at my age. *sigh*

well toodles. I is go later visit. ;]

my english rocks.

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