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Monday, May 7, 2007

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time for another post. this time i didn't wait like 2 weeks. KYAHAHAHA. i'm improving...kinda. haha. well this past week was eventful. On Wednesday afterschool Baskin Robbins was having a special ice cream night. 31 cents per scoop ice cream. some of them restricted it to 3 scoops for customer though. lol. it started from 5pm to 10pm. i came around 5:20-ish and didn't get my icecream till like 6-ish. but hey it was worth it. 93 cents for three scoops which would normally cost over 5 bucks. i even brought my DS to entertain myself. there was a HUGE line outside of the BR when i came out. then after getting ice cream i went home to change [after dripping ice cream all over myself while driving] then left to go to my schools dance show by orchesis [the dance company for our school]. alot of the dances were REALLY good. i loved the music they used. there was this on dance called "hide and seek" and the choreography was by far one of the best. I love their shows.

friday after school, we went bowling early since saturday we wouldnt have time. I find it so weird, though, that i only do well when its no in league. maybe its the fact that saturday mornings is just when i wake up and have no energy whatsoever. *sigh* but anyways. after dinner, i went to my friends house to hang out a little. walked her crazy dog then went to get some more ice cream. lol. [can you tell i ♥ ice cream?]. after that, we dropped by my cousins house then went back to mine. my friend and her sister slept over at my house that night.

Saturday. we all slept in. my friend snores like a man. lol [she might be reading this. o_o] she just recently joined myotaku but her site isnt quite ready to be showcased yet so yeah. i'll introduce you guys to her when her site is ready. :] anyways. so my family planned an early mothers day celebration/party that saturday. so after my mom came back from costco, my mom went all ballistic and psycho-maniac on us. after that, she got over it and we all made sushi for the party. [my mom makes killer sushi. really] after that i had to clean up everything before i was allowed to eat. =.= kind of made me mad that i wasn't allowed to eat when i did most of the jobs and was stuck cleaning everything. but i sneaked away from my mom so i could go sit and eat with the rest of my family. kyahaha. just like a ninja. XD chyeah.

so that night we were just all hanging out in our room with my grandma [i ♥ her so much] and a whole bunch of cousins [most of them are around my age]. after hanging out for a bit, a whole bunch of us went to drop my grandma back home cuz she looked really tired and needed to go to the doctors the next day. after we dropped her off at home, we went to this one food boutique. they make really good mixed fruit drinks. :] then me, my siter and her BF hung out in our room for the rest of the night while my parents and their friends were playing mahjong [i hate how its spelled. its so weird since my whole family calls it the way its supposed to be said. lol. it kind of sounds like mah-jerk. I dont know how the hell people got mahjong...unless its the madarin way of saying it.....is it?]. my 2 younger cousins decided to sleep on an air bed in the middle of our room cuz of the older adults. =.= argh.

today all of us were stuck home doing nothing at all. my brother went to someones house for project. then 2 other cousins came to visit. my older cousin came with her husband and baby. my other older cousin came a little later with my sisters other friend. [i hate how theres always someone visiting. no peace and quiet. =.=]. so a little while after that, me, my sister and cousin went swimming. my sister and I pulled my sisters friend into the pool cuz he wouldnt get in. lol. it was funny cuz he didnt have any other clothes. HAHA. what a loser.

so that was my week. :] now i need to stay up and do my homework. whoopie doo. X]

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