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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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Name: Sara
Birthdate: February 5, 1990
Member since: 04/03/05
Location:California, USA
Occupation: Lazy person
Hobbies: whatever makes me happy



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I have decided that I shall finally get off my lazy ass and start updating OFTEN! this time I hope I can actually keep my word. It seems I'm not very good at that. ^^' but anyways.

tomorrow, I have to present a short story to my class for an hour. =.= this sucks. but it's not that bad since we're gonna get the class to do a bunch of class activities. :] I have to print out freakin 33 copies and my printer is taking its time on me. o_o I dont think i have the patience. it's been printing for so freaking long already. =.= i'm dying here.

I didn't mention this in the last post but guess what. we finally got the Wii [i think of LS every time i here Wii]. It's so fun. I ♥ it. I can't wait to build up my pro bowler status. kyahahah. my character/user/face/ w/e looks really weird. everyone that's seen it says that i look like a pedophile or a pervert. i think i look sexy. lmao. ;]

As soon as the school projects cool down and the summer approaches, my obsession with graphics will pick up again, although i have to say, i have lost my touch. but then again compared to Sammy here, I never had that touch. haha. XD I is uber envious. I HATE YOU!!!!!

toodles kiddies. ☺

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