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Monday, April 30, 2007

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Name: Sara
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Hey there kiddies. Sorry I haven't been on lately at all. I've such a horrible person T.T

HAHA. Just kidding, but seriously I need to update more often. It's funny cuz most of the time I have more free time than I really need. But seriously, as summer is approaching, I will try to commit to you guys. I don't think I can ever quit this. haha. You guys are too coolies for me. XD

anyways. whats been going on? well lets see. We finally have the AX planning done. I'm really interested to know who's going this year. This time I will be staying for 3 days [Friday - Sunday]. Me and a whole bunch of other people will be staying at the Hilton. :]

Today I also found out that my patriotic piece I did not that long ago won 3rd place in the patriotism contest. :O wow. My first time ever getting a prize or even getting a mention in a contest. I'm so proud of myself. And I also found out a couple of days ago, the piece I sent to to our city art show, is getting an honorable mention, and they will be keeping my piece for a year. dang. i guess I'm not useless afterall. haha. ^^'

saturday did better at bowling then the past couple of weeks. then went to cousins house for chicken noodle [family special]. we hung out for a little then we all went to my house to swim. after swimming, my dad made his specialty drunken chicken. It was REALLY good. My dad is like professional chicken cooker. lol. his friend chicken is SOOOOOOOOOOO good too. and also his ribs. *drool* I'm hungry now. after a couple of hours, everyone knowcked out at my house. haha. XD

sunday my dad brought us out to eat brunch. after that we went to some burmese [sp?] festival. supposedly it was their new years and throwing water on people is a blessing. so a bunch of guys attacked my sister with water. My aunt said they didnt attack me because i looked like i might kick their ass. lmao. i found that really funny. after that we went to costco for my siste to get her glasses checked because they were a bit funky, but they only do appointments on sunday. then we went to target and found out that there is only one target around our area that did optometry. =.= what a waste of gas. we then went home and had some more chicken. lol.

not alot happened today so yeah. XD I think I might start making wallpapers again. yesterday i was browsing the wallpaper section, and it made me realize how long i havent made anything. haha. the only thing i've been doing lately was graphic requests and SOTW[sig of the week] contests on forums. how boring. haha. anwyays. i'll visit more often. :]

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