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Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Name: Sara
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Ok. so I lied. I said I would upload the charcoal rose I did but I didn't. I ran out of time and didn't even have time to take a picture of it. =.= damn. but when I do get the picture back [I'm not sure when] I'll be sure to upload it...for sure. lol. oh almost forgot. Links to uploaded stuff: [LINK1] [LINK2] [LINK3]. I also have 1 extra drawing that I didn't upload here but its on my DA account. same username if you want to go look :]

anyways. alot has been happening this past several days which explains why I didn't post.

saturday night as my sister was walking to the door, she heard my parents screaming and arguing again. But this time is was probably the worst they have ever fought. she said you could here them outside the house. As she walked in, she was scared out of her mind because she heard something being thrown to the ground and shatter. she immediately walked to the back of the house where our room is located. my mom and dad was having a major fight this time and we couldn't do anything about it. until finally my aunt texted my sister and I to walk to the front to calm my mom down. We walked to my mom's room and i felt my heart ache for my mom. her eyes were swollen from crying so hard. my heart wrenched for her. me and my sister rushed to my moms side to try to comfort her since her body was not in a good condition in the first place. my mom is really stubborn so when my dad starts to talk crap again, she would yell right back even though she knows its not good for her to be putting so much stress to her body. so we finally got her to stop yelling. but it really scared all of us when she started to feel pain and started to get muscle cramps which are REALLY bad for her because when she does get them, they're extremely painful for her, and if its too painful, she has to go to the hospital. since my cousin was over that night too, my mom sent me and my cousin back to our room but we made my sister stay with her just in case. i cried myself to sleep that night. i skipped my art class the next day to spend the day with my mom.

Sunday I pulled an all-nighter to finish my chem project. who knew making cards would take so long. =.= I managed to barely pull it off right before the class started. glad that was over with. the next day i fell asleep in 3 of my classes due to lack of sleep. i seriously need to get more sleep. the most hours of sleep i would get during the weekdays is about 6-6.5 hours. its pretty sad. :[

today wasn't as eventful except that i fell. i was walking out the back door of this place where i always get a drink and for some reason [i really dont know] i tripped over the curb and fell straight onto both my knees . T.T it hurt so much. I landed so hard that i was bleeding through my jeans. ^^' so now when i bend my knees, it rubs against my jeans and it hurts like a mother. :[ damn. and it was in front of some random asian guy too. =.= smooth huh? lmao.

I'll visit after school. I'll try to visit as much as i can . XD

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