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Saturday, April 14, 2007

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Name: Sara
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[Not a real post...well kind of.]

well hey guys. sorry i havent posted in a while. stupid chem project got pushed back so its been on my mind all week. its due monday. =.= but anyways. after reading BMG's post I realized that I totally forgot about 2nd anniversary here on MyO with this account. lol. some may know me as "jigglymonster". ^^' my current username is actually inspired by Gabby who called me jigglyness at one time. things happened [too long of a story. some of you might know about it] and I took up this username and it stuck. :] but yeah. my anniversary was actually on april 3rd [11 days ago].

well I hope all of you kiddies enjoy your weekend. I'm done rambling. ♥

P.S. I uploaded a whole bunch of the artwork that I said i would upload [5 million years ago] a couple of days ago. If you guys want to go check it out, its in my "portfolio" [link is @ the top-ish nav. section] but for those who are just as lazy as i am right now, i'll have the links up on my next post. and later [maybe tomorrow] i'll be uploaded just one more artwork that i finished on friday. :]

chao chao kiddies.

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