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Monday, April 9, 2007

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whoo. another update. I've been trying to update whenever I can. sometimes my schedule would prevent me from even getting to my computer. ^^'. so anyways. Friday went to the movies with my cousin to watch movies with my cousin...I think I talked about this the last post....*shrug*.

Saturday, went bowling as usual and did horribly. (I've been doing bad lately...I think it's the lack of sleep from school). Right after bowling, went to get gas and then picked up my older sister from home. we then went to my uncle Jerry's house for the tea ceremony. He got married. It was pretty boring though. then we went to my Uncle Tra's house for an easter party. He even dressed up as a bunny. it was really cute. haven't seen alot of my cousins in a while. haha. i ♥ my aunts. so perverted. haha. then after we went home and got ready for the banquet for uncle jerry. karaoke singers were REALLY bad. we sat RIGHT in front of the speakers too =.= and once again the older girls dragged me into the tossing of the bouquet. its so annoying cuz i know i wont get it since it only always goes to the front center of the group. i usually stand in the back waiting for the torture to end. XD it ended with the same results. night ended with my 2 cousins sleeping over at my house.

Sunday, woke up for once without a snoring cousin in my bed. *rolls eyes* it was peaceful for once. haha. then we started to clean the house since it was really messy. I finally started to draw on my wall. I attempted to paint it, but turned out horrible. must redo it some other time when i have some time. did some more of my chem project. Then me and a whole bunch of my cousins that live nearby sat on the sofa with a huge blanket and watched dvd's for the rest of the afternoon. we watched white chicks and dodgeball for like the 173rd time. lol. parents came back and then we went to souplantation and stuffed our face....with cookies. haha.

so me and my cousins were talking about AX [anime expo] this year and decided to stay in a hotel room during the whole weekend in Long Beach. My mom actually agreed and yeah. My cousin is trying to book a suite so that we can stay in it since we have alot of people and we'll just split the price. but the hardcore fans took all the rooms. =.= so now we're just trying to find any hotel we can stay in. lol. hopefully we can find a suite. i rather not share a tinyass room with like 12 people. =.= haha. anyone else planning on going???

and thanks for all the kind comments i got for my entry to the contest. i really appreciate it. i ♥ you guys. for those who missed it here's the LINK. enjoy. :]

haha long post. chao kiddies. ♥

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