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Saturday, April 7, 2007

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Name: Sara
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Yay. and yet again another update. :] been a while ey? anyways. spring break is about over and I hate it with all my heart. >[ but besides that. my week was fine I guess. Wednesday and Thursday had to meet up with one of my partners to work on our chem project, which sucks like a mother. and Today my cousin and I went to the movies out of boredom and watched Meet the Robinsons. I would definitely recommend watching this movie. It's really cute and funny. It was worth my $7 child's ticket. lol. All of us always buy child tickets instead of the regular tickets because its not as expensive. I still remember the time when regular admission was about $6.50 =.= damn.

I finally got that patriotic contest piece up. X] I uploaded it on my DA account instead because it's not really anime at all so I didn't want to upload it here. :] CLIKEY HERE.

well I'm done for this update. XD

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