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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Frescofairy (08/09/06)

Hi ther

Nice site, loving the bishi dark and daisuke pic O.o Likes your rules lol

adding you as a chum ^^ cos you ROCK!!! ^^bd


XxJohnnyDeppfanxX (08/08/06)

ME: You got a nice site here! ^.^
CAPTAIN Jack: ::singing:: And really bad eggs...
Me: Oh he refuses to stop singing his favorite song.. Well ill add you! And this is Greedsdoll by the way! ^.^ Well I'll TTYL! buhbyes!
CAPTAIN Jack: Drink UP me hearties YO HO! *theme music plays*

A.K.A Mrs. CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow ^.^
and CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow
A.K.A CAPTAIN of the Black Pearl -o-

HakuUchihaSama (08/07/06)

Hi sara! Nice to meet you* although I am not really* you are great with html!! jeez! I lurve your site, your site totally pawns mine!^^ Its a very kewl page! umm...what else...Rapist???Bishi! WOW!!! Jiggly I like that better! NARUTO!!! You like naruto...I can tell we have anime liking's in common! Well...stop by if you want..I'm adding you as a friend...and every day I see that you have signed on i'll stop by..kk? bb! Lot's of lurve~ Izzy Chan

loveLIESbleeding (07/27/06)

Pretty pretty site.

So, you're starting to like Jrock? What bands do you like?

Ohkami (07/25/06)

Hey Jigglyness,

First time visiting your site but I must say your layout is astonishing! It really is beautiful and you have great skill, I think it's the most unique MyO site I've seen, so different I didn't really think it was a MyO site. I'm actually known as Sakura around OB and I watch your banners change, I'm always very impressed by them.

Keep up the good work.


Jethro (07/23/06)

I would hate to leave a comment like 'cool site' or 'wow- how did you do all that sweet stuff on you site?!' because I know it's been said. So instead I will leave some blank lines to represent my state of speechlessness (is that a word?):

(Sweet Site!)

Youkai Kun (07/22/06)


You site makes me smile X3

It's so awesome. My name is Dark, it's nice ta meetcha! *holds out hand* I like the colors you used. They go really well together. ((that was cliche wasn't it? o.o *is un-original* heh...)) Well I'm gunna add ya and I hope you stop by my site some time when you get the chance... I'll stop by your site whenever I get access to my internet X3* er... see ya!

*would have left a comment but has a computer that keeps spazing out e.e*

pipsqueak (07/20/06)

::stamp::...Ha! i signed ur guestbook, u know what that means? PARTY!!!! lol jk
Hello, let me intraduce myself. Call me,

Female Edward Elric
The Puertorican Alchemist!


And im here to achive goals!
well one is i want to be a senior otaku!
if u talk to me and know me, u think im already am but im not.
And i knew myotaku like more then a year!
So thnxz u for ur time ::waves::

oh yeah...plz, Join my:

Edward_Elric's Fan Forever Club.
Just PM me! And I'll mail u ur very own button!!!

u can also Email me at Fullmetal_Shorty24@yahoo.com
but its better too PM me. XD See ya soon and Hope we r friends!

sorry if this thing is toooooooooooooo long. XD

SnowAngel14 (07/14/06)

Hey! I really like your site. The avatar is really cool. I read the rules and I totally agree to them. So I will add you as a friend and I hope u do the same well l8ter

Jaguar (07/11/06)

Wow, amazing job designing your site. I really love the work you put into and it shows your distinct style very well! Keep up the great work with the wallpapers they are awesome! =) Take care and be safe!

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