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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

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Time: 9:12 AM, Tuesday

"I'm not in the mood. Tell it to my secretary." ĖYusuke Episode 67

Hey guys! Once again itís been forever/four months since Iíve posted. Iím sorry that itís been so long. Itís not really that I have been busy, but there really hasnít been anything to post about. Iíve been just hanging out, playing videogames and stuff like that. Iím just posting today mainly because some people have been bugging me to (you know who you are). Lol, Iím just teasing. Tomorrow is actually the first day of school for me. Here are the classes Iím taking: Gym, Health 2, Sophomore Honors English, U. S. History Honors, Chemistry 1 level 1, Spanish 3 Honors, and Geometry Honors. Hopefully I wonít be swamped with work, but I know that is not the case. I mean thatís what happens when you are taking the highest-level courses that you can take. That reminds me of my freshman honors English teacher when she said that we were going to have an essay every week (assigned Mon. or Tues. due Friday) in addition the 30-40 pages of reading each night. Thank god she lied and we only had an essay every week for about month, lol! Anyways, maybe I could get into some routine. For example post once a week, like on Saturday. I know youíre all sitting there saying, ďYeah, like thatís going to happen.Ē But I promise that I will, and I never break my promises.

As you can see I have a new theme up: Rurouni Kenshin (mostly Sanosuke who is my favorite character). Yes I know: itís not Yu Yu Hakusho lol. Thanks to a friend I got into the series, and now I love it (Yu Yu Hakusho is still my favorite though). Iíve actually had this theme up for a long time, I just never posted after it was up. What do you guys think? If there is anyway that you think I could make my site better please tell me. Thanks!

So yeah, this summer Iíve mostly been videogames. Got to get ready for the new Nintendo system coming out lol. Most of my games have all been completed (and no, Iím not a videogame nerd). It gives me something to do. You know whatís a really good game that I finished yesterday: Star Wars Jedi Outcast Jedi Knight 2. Itís different from the other Star Wars games because you get to use a lightsaber, which is awesome. Itís difficult and takes a decent amount of time to complete. Even though itís been out for a while itís still expensive, but if you ask me itís worth it. Star Wars Bounty Hunter was a great game as well. You know what stinks: I spend a little less than fifty bucks for Mario Superstar Baseball and the game is so short. I donít know, I just expected more. Itís still a good game though. Wow, this post is getting long. I guess Iíll stop here. Iíll be sure comment on some of your sites today, and think of the length as making up for how I havenít posted in forever lol. Have a great day! ^_^

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