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Saturday, July 22, 2006

   Randomness, Evalness, Nothingness, Boredom And Stressful Problems Never Go Away..O.o'' lolz >:3
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Hiya everyone! *Glomps* I know it's been a while my parents were stressing about things and so was I so I was like dead. Now I'm alive. well this will be my last post for a while..T.T *sniff* We are going to move next week we were going to do it this week but we couldn't to many thunderstorms. (Also another reason why i wasn't on the comp) Anywho starting Sunday we have to clean the new place out repaint it and fix a few things before moving in so lots of work. Then my mom need to transfer all the information and whatnot from this place to the new one..Ugh...alot of work..-_-'' Plus I'm worried cuz my dad is not feeling well. My mom is to sick to work so she has to stay home and my dad is the only one who really works to make money for the family. Well he has something wrong with him and the docters say he might have a heart attack if not careful...T___T I'm soooo worried. i don't want him to die!! So around Tuesday my mom is going to go take him to the docters. I hope he will be okay. Oh I also changed my theme to Cheza from Wolf's Rain! Yayness!! XD What do you think? I know not the best but I did as much as I could. ^-^ wow this is random but I'm listening to Wolf's Rain-Gravity...T_T It makes me want to cry..*sniff*...I don't know why..*sniff*....O.oSo yea...OMFG!!! MIDNIGHT ALREADY?!?!!?! OMFG!!! IT'S MY B-DAY TODAY!!! I'M 14!!! >:3 I'm old!! lolz (jk) wow can't believe how fast I'm growing..o.o so eval! I want to thank everyone for still stikcing around and listening to my randomness of nothingness...O_o'' well Yay! Happy Birthday to myself! *Does Happy Dance* lolz ugh..to tired....to sleepy..must rest...-.- well everyone I better get going I hope to return soon and I will read any PMs in the morning. I'll try to go to sites one last time in the morning. I better get going well here are some gifs that my friends gave me. well everyone take care...bye! *passes out*...-.- Zzzzzzzz

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Thank You Cloud! XD You so rock! X3

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Thanks Shikamaru-Kun! I luff it! >:3

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Thanks KairiDono..*sniff*..T.T I feel so loved! Yayness!! Plushies!

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