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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

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Wow...thats all I really have to say about yesterday. My parents and I weren't going to do anything but my mom's friend Lisa had a party next door and she invited us. i didn't want to go cuz there was mostly all adults getting drunk and crap but my mom dragged me outside when they had the fireworks. i had a bad feeling but I didn't pay attention to my gut feeling and stayed on the grass with my PSP. I mean everything was fine until across the street this guy lit up a firework box thingy and I kept my eye on it a long time it just caught up in flames then died out. Everyone thought it was a mess up or a fake firework that didn't work or something but ten minutes later BOOM!!!! The whole thing caught up in flames and flames went everywhere!! It was so scarey I almost passed out from how loud it was it hurt my head and ears thats how loud it was. I couldn't even hear for a few minutes..T.T Then I open my eyes and the sparks of flames touched a car and the car burst into flames everyone grabbed their stuff and ran back in. That was the end of the party. Though it was the people across the streets fault because those type of Fireworks are so damn dangerous! Someone could of gotten hurt! Then the police came and wanted some answer and Blah...*sighs* but still I enjoyed the other fireworks! I didn't like that eval one that went boom..-__-'' well hope everyone else had fun!
^-^ okay thats all for now! ^o^ On with the random RP! lolz


Me: what hell are you doing on the floor for?

Bakura:I'm looking for a key!

Me:..O.o I knew I shouldn't have let you go to that late night party! Your drunk again! T.T

Bakura: No i am Not for the last time!!!

Me: Okay whatever you say...-.-''


*In Xero's Room*

Xero:..*Hears howling from outside* Calls off on finding Kitari...

Ryou: Really? Thank Ra! They found Kitari! *looks at Xero who is depressed* Hey Xero don't be sad we will stop your brother.

Xero: It's not my brother I worry about. It's Kisara. I mean all she wanted to do was help she never did anything to get herself into this whole fight. She is so kind never does anything wrong and now she got dragged into this.

Ryou:..Oh...*glares at the floor*


*Down by the park*

Pearl: *ears twitch* Oh so calls off. eh? well they told Kitari what she needed to know. I'm not needed and thats a great thing for now I guess. less work for me Indeed. *walks off*


*Outside on Silver's Roof*

Venix: Oh so they think it's funny to take My beloved Kitari away? Oh thats so mean. I think I'm sorta angry. *eyes glow red* though...it's morning..I'm a full blooded vampire unlike my worthless brother..I'll stay in the shadows for now but when the night comes it will be the end of them a..*grins and fades into the shadows*



Bakura: Bloody hell Kitsune please shut up!!

Me:..*sniff* I want Shishi!!

Bakura:..-_-'' He is over Silver's house where taht Bloody Rat with wings belongs!


Bakura: Oh for the love of Ra just shut up for once! I need to think!!

Me:.....4TH OF JULY CAKE!!!! >:3

Bakura: *glares at me*...>_>

Me:..Uh..I mean...shutting up now! O_O'''''''''

Bakura: * mumbles* Baka Kitsune..*continues looking on the ground* you know your friend
bLuE eYeS still has my Millenuim Ring she stole it..I want it back I don't seem right without it.

Me: so my sis bLuE eYeS can keep it if she wants it! XP

Bakura: no she can not! She has to return it! I'm going to need it when we battle Venix or Thoto!

Me:...ohhhhhhhhh you have a point. Hey sis if you hear me please return Bakura-Sama's shiney ring! >:3

Bakura: Thats not a toy!!

ME: i think we know that!

* A huge gate opens *

Bakura: *stands in front of me* step back you don't know what will come out of this damn gate.


Kumo:..*walks in a gate disappears* That was one hell ride. eh Gikal? Gikal?

Gikal:...*shaking in fear*....O.o s-s-s-so much f-f-flames!!


ME: COUSIN KUMO!!!!!!!!!!!! *Glomps him*

Kumo:AHH! Ow okay okay! relax.

Bakura: Your back?

Kumo: yea sitting in my jail cell I thought about it for a while. They must of said something to Kitari or did something to her to make her act liek this. It's not her fault. ^-^

Me: Yayness! XD

Bakura:..-_-'' whatever. Now we wait for the others.

ME: yea lets wait! *pets Gikal* he looks scared...o.o


Kumo: You don't want to go through the gate that I just came out of.

Me:...o.o well Demyx will be happy to have his icecream buddy back..^-^'''



Mwahahahaha!! *Coughs* Um right going to sites now everyone take care bye! ^o^

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