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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sorry that i haven't been around, the absolute worst thing that could ever happen in my whole entire life has happened and its so hard for me to come back on here now.

this is a place i bragged about my happiness i talked about all my great times and i shared all my plans for the future, all the promises now broken.

Lytjuh and silver-sama i don't know how i can face you guys now, i'm so jealous of you and i'm not strong enough to accept reality. sempai, you too, you're happiness... it might be too much for me.

i go from day to day going from happy to sad, i'm unstable, i'm scared and i'm in so much pain and sadness, at times it feels like all i've done was for naught.

so i need to stay off here until i can accept reality and face the consequences of what i based my real life and my otaku life about. i hope you all remember me when i return, i hope you all welcome me back when i'm better.

i'm sorry for betraying all of you, i won't labor you with my problems. i'm going to go shave myself now, i guess holding a razor really can cheer you up...

til we meet again

♥ JD Person ♥

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