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Monday, January 7, 2008

Anna no Issho Datta No Ni [Athrun x Cagalli version]
well i guess i walked right into the "a little curious" line with my last post. "if you poke a guy's prostate will he like it?" i must admit my total lack of filter on all knowledge i wish to acquire can often lead me into very strange situations like that. but still it does seem like a very legitimate question, but i no longer ever want to find out the answer on my own. i suppose even the most apathetic guy will latch on to the words "extreme sensations of sexual arousal and pleasure." but really actually thinking about the processes involved in such an action really cancel out any reaped benefit of said action.

i guess i should stop being such a follower, i think i want to be the guy who is all sensual and knows all the tricks to make himself and his beloveds bodies to feel all the right things, but really i think that rectal play is a bit out of the question, at least in my case, and i'm sure my lover would agree, i'm sure she's not exactly jumping at the chance to shove some foreign object up my rectum.

i do find it interesting that the tissues that make up the anal and vagina canals are pretty much as similar as bodily structures can get, so much so that when they turn guys into girls they use part of poop shut to make a baby hangar, that still can't convince me that poking myself in the butt is worth it, its just kinda funny.

but enough about such unpleasant subjects, on to other unpleasant subjects! i returned to school today, which i was not all that glad about, i was really tweaked out yesterday over it, but i eventually rationalized it like i do everything, i was on vacation and that is now ending, this is how things are MEANT to be, i was merely spoiled by my time off and now normalcy seems like Hell in comparison. funny thing is that a lot of my teachers said this was their worst come-back as well so maybe its something in the water.

its the same way with me and Bev, i realize looking back that for a long while we did have slight problems, i can remember all the days of worrying and letter writing on both our parts, its just for such a long time its been absolutely problem free that i once more grew complacent, i saw that as normal as opposed to a gift and thats why now if Bev even says one one thing thats even the slightest bit, i guess problematic[?] i go all bat-shit and get stir crazy, pacing and pondering and flipping out, hell now if there's even a moment of silence i freak out because i feel like i'm boring her, none of this mind you is even implied by her, its all fabricated in my mind, i just seem to be all fucked up in the mind recently, i guess i just have to adjust once more and get used to reality.

i finished watching Red vs. Blue Saturday night and i must say that it was a really great series, especially considering how its made. i'm really surprised, i actually miss the characters, something i can't even say about a lot on anime, its so strange, i never expected this outcome.

i did luck out in that i saw what i believe from hearing the descriptions would be the best ending, church going nuts and killing Sarge and Simmons for killing Tex, and then everything devolving into a free-for-all with everyone killing one another. i am sad to see Tucker and Sister die, but i was funny to see Caboose as the grand survivor, then he gets crushed by a falling vehicle. i like that ending because its pretty definite, but then again considering Church and Tex its possible that it would actually just mean they all became ghosts and if Vic Jr ever sends in more soldiers to try and wipe out the aliens they could all get them to build new robot bodies or possibly just posses all of them.

i suppose its extremely odd i'm putting so much thought into this, but alas i AM EXTREMELY ODD so i guess it all works out in the end.


Me: i'm ashamed of myself, i sat through all of "Sweeny Todd" and i didn't make a single "Mr. T" joke.

Bro: Like "Quit the jibber-jabber and come get a shave!"

Me: Or "i pity the fool who comes to Mr. T for a shave, uhn! Gonna make you into pie, and that ain't no lie, UHN!"

insanity is inherited through the "y" chromosome in my family i guess.

♥ JD Person ♥

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