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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Drivin' through the night
i alway keep saying i need a summoning command, whenever i go places with my mom i always split off from her and then i can never relocate her post-menopause ass. so i wonder why i can't just have an action screen like in an RPG where i could just select "summon" and either drag my biological contributer back or summon a driver, but it seems i can summon my sempai, being i was just thinking about him and it appears he visited meh site.

see i was watching reruns of "Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew" and a sex researcher on there said the prostate is the male Grafenberg spot so i was wondering to my sef if i should try "accidentally falling" on some upright, cylindrical object, the next thought that came to mind was "i really wish Sempai was around, he could tell me if getting reamed up the ass by the Proctologist feels like its going to make him blow his wad." alas if only he were a day later, though if he reads this i'm sure it will be the start of a long, wonderful conversation. in fact i extend this to any guy who has had his rectum penetrated by any foreign body, does your prostrate feel good if you poke it?

well on from rectal inquiries to more touching matters, well awkward and touching at the same time. to begin this matter i think i must post up the comment that inspires it.

[sasuke fan4 life: "yeah ur right it isnt fun being on the other side of it, not that i have ever been there with u... that i know of...i think i am just gonna shut up now and keep reading"

have a nice day *hugs*


now it might just be my romantic imagination but that sounds a bit like the cliche accidental admission of feeling used on most TV programs, which leads me to a very troublesome route, for reading that i realized that Sasuke fan 4 Life is probably my best friend on here, and its kinda unfortunate if i caused such a reaction. though again it is major ego chow and it does make me gloat a bit, and it could be that i'm reading too much into this and thus making a fool of myself, but if things are as i imagine i'm truly sorry. ...i'm also quite flattered, but more sorry.

in a completely inappropriate segue i went and saw "i am Legend" today. it was quite good, Bev said it'd make me cry and it damn well brought a few tears from my eyes. for once i won't spoil stuffs, i'll just say that there were two parts that if you know the two most important lifeforms in my life you'd know made me really sad. but the one part i found very funny, at one point Will Smith falls and impales his leg on something, he then goes bat-shit after some stuffs that made me REALLY sad happens, and eventually is almost killed until he's rescued by this Brazilian[?] chic who says that God led her to him. he, after admitting he's lost his ability to deal with people nicely proceeds to limp around and talk about how there is no God and believing in one causes the worst things in time to happen, then takes a fist full of Vicodin and cure a mystery disease... i'm just kidding about that last part but damned if i didn't think that i was watching a Blacksploitation version of "House" on BET, "the role of Cameron, Foreman and Chase will be played by this young Brazilian woman. WITH WILL SMITH AS GREGORY HOUSE!!!!!" i couldn't help but crack up a bit watching those parts, i guess my sense of humor is a bit, off? but alas i can't help it, i be weird [arrrrrrrrrgh.]

you know in real life i really will say "arrrrgh" under my breath after uttering an "i be" sentence? you guys really should be pitying Bev, she'll have to put up with that for 80 more years.

still trying to cure myself of pessimism through Kotodama, "Her Majesty's Pet" and "xxxHolic" have made me believe if i say something convincingly enough i'll believe it and change my fate, now if only that John Edwards x Hilary Clinton 2Girls1cup thing would work out... [i WILL reference MY past jokes in parody damnit! so get used to it.]



i will yell that at moments of badness and i blame the few subs i've seen for that, CURSE YOU SUBTITLED ANIME!!!!!!!

♥ JD Person ♥

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