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Friday, January 4, 2008

Real Folk Blues
well another day wasted on this never ending experiment of how little can one person do in a lifetime. don't get me wrong, i don't say that in a "i hate me!" way, more of how no matter how wacky your family is you still love them, i may do some really stupid shit but in the end i'm a good person and i like me.

well i have good news in that it seems that RvB's where "fuck" was beeped were the anomaly and not the normal situation, i have no idea who would allow for all the other profane language and just beep "fuck" but whatever, to each their own. in any case i'm really catching up, which is sad because it will soon be over then, but at the same time i'll have one less distraction and i'll be able to HOPEFULLY get everything back to normal once i've returned to school. i'm really hoping that by then i'll know if i'll be getting my old hard-drive back or if i should re-write the missing parts of my chapters [ignore the fact i could be caught back up by now if i'd written it instead of being a complete jerk-off] at this point re-writing it would be just fine, if i could just know i have to that stupid ass-munch is playing mind-games and won't say if he has it or not, curse that cock-head! my mother says that my brother and father are manipulative and cruel, yet she puts up with his shit, love can be a terrible thing it seems. i guess i can see why most people are annoyed by my "i'd kill you if it helped her" attitude because they've been on the receiving end of it, and i must admit that is not fun.

i have been lamenting the lost time for a while now, that my vacation is about up, but i guess i should just be happy for what i've had, i've spent 12 days now doing absolutely nothing with no responsibility what-so-ever, really to ask for more time than i'm alloted would be kinda dick-ish, if all the world were nothing but laziness and entitlement then i'd have no recognition of the fun of laying back and just letting all come to me, you need pain to know pleasure as they say.

time sure is a weird thing, pretty cruel actually, when you want it to last it flees and when you want it gone it clings, i say this because i got in the mail Gundam SEED Destiny: DVD 12, which for those uninformed with the universe of said series us the final DVD, and as far as i know the final work set in the Cosmic Era universe, which to me is really depressing, being as i've found SEED and its sequel to be the best Gundam i've ever seen and definitely in my top 3 anime of all time, so to know it'll soon be gone is quite sad.

but at least it came with an awesome box [speak of the devil, Bokutachi no Yukue] that is kinda big and doesn't fit anywhere. see i've got all my DVD cases and box sets set up like a little mountain range that i set all of my ZAFT Suits on. mainly there is a spot where i have all the Destiny Digital Variable Discs stacked on which BuCUE and LeGOWE sit, and behind them on [the only] Yu Yu Hakusho VHS [that i own] stands Buster. well if i set the box up there it blocks out Buster and the ol' quadrupeds can't sit there, plus its too wide to sit there as well. see i was thinking "last DVD, comes with a box for the rest...] nope comes with a box for that one, plus a hidden compartment for a bunch of laminated art. i like the box though, it makes me feel like Kira [Brad Swaile not Matt Hill] its got hidden compartments, you can only get the DVD out by sticking your finger through a hole on the underside and it open both ways at once, so if you try pushing either way along it doesn't work, i just hope it doesn't come with a gasoline bomb, you know, in case someone else tries to open it, i don't want my house burning down...

whilst i was out at Best Buy today i talked a guy into buying the "Innocent Venus" box set, well actually i talked his girlfriend into it, he faithfully bowed to her will like i would have in his case. see he asked me what he should get being as i was looking at it with the wonder usually reserved for Hideki in a room full of porn or Mirielle in a room full of "rare items" so he asked me what to get and i had to think quick, good series' from G-Z [thats the side we were on] so i told him "Innocent Venus" and "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" both of which i've seen the beginnings of and liked, so much so i was pissed when ADV stopped showing them on anime network. personally i think he took Innocent Venus because GAINAX is known for its fan service and who wants to buy soft-core smut in front of their lover? the funny thing is that the girl seemed to like my antidotes and David Tennant-esque exaggerated thinking sounds and mannerisms, i guess even being a spaz can make you a lady killer...

wait, i already knew that, cool!


"things can't get better or worse, so just quit your bitching Nancy!"


what can i say, it mirrors my own sentiments too much NOT to use it,

♥ JD Person ♥

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