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Hi! i'm arnab,an 18 year old from india who thinks ANIME ROCKS! well,I'm not much of an artist so i can't submit wallpapers, but i'll be glad to submit any quizzes and write blogs on any topic under the (anime) sun for your entertainment only!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

   Just a Ramble
I am sick and tired of waiting for people back at theO. I post, but no one comments. No one PMs me. Everyone, everyone has abandoned me! Why???

I'm sorry. I'm just not feeling nice about being summarily dumped by people back at theO. I don't what else to say.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

   japan.freak's Bonanza Post!!!: Just A Ramble-VI and Updates & News-VI
Hey everyone! Judging by the announcements on the front page, next week's gonna be VV week, so better say my 'see ya later's right now! Well, this post is gonna be combined, so you're gonna see both anime and life.
Ok, so let's start with anime and manga,shall we? I've just finished Black Cat Vol.12, and what can I say? It's getting better and better. The battle between Chronos and the Apostles has gotten more complex. New villains have arisen, and Train has his own demons to fight. And the fact that his friends are on the line doesn't make it easier.
Air Gear: Trick 16! Ikki and the Kogaro Somaru are facing their first challenge: The Behemoth, the craziest Storm Riders ever! Now I can't miss this for the world!
Yakitate! Japan: I'm on an interesting point in this one. The Yakitate 9 cup has almost been won, Kazuma has defeated many cooks (including his old friend Kai Suabara), but his toughest challenge is yet to come. As his health deteriorates, Kazuma has to help his buds Shigeru and Koinosuke to beat Shigeru's half-brother. The price for losing: becoming a yakuza!!
Besides these, I'm also going through some more old anime, like CCS, TRC, Slam Dunk, YYH etc. Guess I've got too much on my hands :-p.
Well, what happened to me this week? I've begun writing my term paper, so that's good. But I almost died of an accident, so that's bad. Also, my back's aching really bad, and I can't bend my knee, so I guess that's the accident making itself there. But...whatever. At LEAST i'M ALIVE.
Wow, it's getting hotter out here. I guess summer's finally come around. Cheers!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

   Just a Ramble
Wow, what a week! I'm broken down completely. I've been worried, angry, depressed and maddened in turns. First Animax goes away for 9 days, so I miss the ending of .hack//Roots. Then my comp starts acting fricking strange. Turns out there is a virus in the OS that was causing system crashes. The solution: reinstall Windows.
That meant a huge headache for me. I had to reinstall everything, which took me 3 days. Then I had to rebuild my data files as well. As for the 2 years of schoolwork, essays and poetry...well, that became a sacrifice to the god of computers. To add insult to injury, I've got 2 term papers to submit, a test to prepare, and just spent 2 hours making some wallpapers for submission.

Waaaah! I need a massage!!! :-(. Seriously.

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