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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boris AlvaradoBoris Alvarado2
hehe I told you guys I would give you pics so here they are! I'm on Heathers laptop again. >_> Got on before anyone woke up. >D! He's so handsome! I never understood nor cared for when people would say, "My husband is perfect", or "God that girl is perfect!" What I do understand and what I think of Boris is, 'He's perfect for me. ^__^ And he is! He's brought so much to me and I don't think i've ever been more comfortable or more happy with someone like this. hehe I must sound silly to some of you. I know that some of you might not believe in love, or that you've had your heart broken...I know after Tim I didn't think I was going to fall in love so soon...Boris blindsided me and swept me off my feet, soooo not my fault! >_> <_< I just hope that all of you guys will find someone that is perfect for you, that completes you! I know I know i'm sounding cheesy well leave me be! >(

I'm so excited! We're going to get a Christmas tree today, and we're going fishing. ^__^ I love Christmas! The lights, the music, the feel-good aura that people (some) give off around the holidays...I can't wait to decorate the tree tonight! I've also been working on my resume and still playing Nanny of the house. >_> It's fun though, I'm really learning to relax like everyone keeps telling me to. >_< I'll have pics of me next time! I don't have them atm, I'll have to get them from Boris. >_>

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was ok, I got to spend time with the neighbors, who invited me over to have Thanksgiving with them. I love huge family events! A lot of 'big-mama' women in the kitchen and kept shooing all men out while they cooked and baked. hehe It was funny watching one of their sons sneak in to take a nibble of the dressing or the turkey and getting scolded like, "Boy don't make me sin and whoop you, you betta getta here! Go-on now!" *big Southern accent* XD

Well, that was all, I just wanted to update again before I went another month without a hello. XD

*hugs* Love you guys!

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