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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hey guys! Still no net, it should be this week, i'm writing this from my friend's laptop. Yay for wireless! >_>

Things are going ok, my cousin keeps telling me to relax a little, that I don't have to rush into a job or college, that all this time I haven't learned how to relax, and that while I'm living here I should just take a breather and "Enjoy being 21 girl! Damn you been up your mothers ass for so long, don't it feel good just to get away from that?" I suppose she is right, I should relax, but at the same time, I enjoy school, and a job, so...its strange...lol. I guess if you're used to one thing, it is what makes you relax, yes? Oh well, still, I guess I have no choice but to relax...I had a lot of money saved for me, for college, well, it was a lot for me, and I had to give it all to my mother to save her house, which in the end she lost anyways...So now, without money, i've come to live with Brittany, my cousin, she says it was good for me, not losing the money, but to finally be away from mother...I think she's right. I feel so down sometimes, that i'm so useless...but Boris has been the biggest help to me, I never thought I could put so much trust in someone, so much...love. He motivates me not to give up, to enjoy my time and to put trust in others. I really truely love Boris.

Well, I do have a plan though, I will get my job, I know my mother will never give me my money back, so I have to save all over again. So, job first, then college I guess will now become my secondary instead of primary. Good thing I was almost finished with my AA degree! >_>

I miss you guys, I miss hearing from you, reading your blogs, even texting and getting calls from some of you! hehe I hope you guys have a great holiday! I'll be around more often soon. ^_^


PS! *snuggles on Con chibi style* n__n

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