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Sunday, June 29, 2008


My birthday was yesterday, I just turned 21. I didn't get to do much, it rained and the person who was going to take me for sushi thought getting drunk was better. But I did have fun! My bf woke me up and sang happy birthday to me. It really made me smile, I just love him. ^ ^ If everyone was still on myO I'd show you some pics.

I guess everyone moved to theotaku station then. I have been gone for a while, but usually there are more people around when I get back. All I see are three maybe four people out of thirty posting. Kinda sad really. Actually, its very sad. I guess this is the end of myotaku, which is what Adam wanted anyways I guess. Well, I'm not migrating over to theotaku, I just don't have the heart to leave my customized otaku here. I guess I can add some wallpapers or something? But other then that...My AIM is MasochistOfSet, same as my yahoo. Annnd like before all my other site info is up top if you want to look me up sometime. It's been a great run and I miss you all.

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