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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not-So-Fun Spring Break

Yum Yum
Well nothing went as planned for my spring break. My Mema (grandmother) died Monday. So of course any plans around that time were cancelled. The problem is that my family hates one another. No joke, no one likes anyone. Itís a miracle that my cousin Brittany is such a good friend of mine; sheís the only one in the family that Iíve ever looked up to and had respect for and loved. Her and Mema obviously. But of course, my mothers siblings had to fight over who saw Mema when, and just made life more of a headache. Iím just glad that Mema doesnít have to suffer anymore, she was in terrible pain. The only good thing I see coming out of all of the arguing is that mom is finally talking to her oldest (50 something years old) sister again. Brittanyís mom, the INSANE one I told you guys about. The one that use to live in the house we moved to for a month or so. =P She seems lessÖinsane. I just hope mom keeps her distance.

On a lighter note, I got a new live action in! Itís called Hotaru no Hikari. And yes, an actor from TeniMyu is in it! ^ ^ Kato Kazuki, the yummy actor for Atobe Keigo. He did a great job in this film as well, I was so surprised to see him in it my jaw dropped! O.o I also bought Ghost Train and Bishionen. Bishonen is a great gay film from China, I was very pleased with it. Formula 17 (another gay film) should be coming in shortly. I canít wait to tell you guys how they are!

Ah, I donít like Naruto, which is weird, Iíll only watch episodes with Rock Lee and Gaara, I donít like the hype of the anime, I hate when things become so pretentious, but all in all itís not a terrible anime. I really like Gaaraís back story and what goes on in Shippuuden, they just take sooooo looonnng to just get to the point, and I hate that. But! Thanks to Shippuuden youíll be seeing some Gaara wallpapers on my panel soon. ^ ^ I hope you guys enjoy the new wallpapers Iíve been adding! I just hate it doesnít automatically tell you who downloads your papers, I miss the popularity count being by that, because not everyone hugs, and views donít count. Oh well!

Love you guys! Hope you have a great weekend!

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