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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Praise! Sevendust is made of win.

Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous (Run Like Hell)
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know, I made an A on my biology quiz! It ended up being a test in the end. I'm actually glad, I'm very proud of myself. ^ ^ Now I just need to work on my psychology and political science!

lol It's going to be an interesting first day of my spring break vacation. I'm hanging out with all of my hold high school buddies for some DnD gaming. For those that don't know, DnD is Dungeons and Dragons, an old role-play table top game. It's the fab. We're also continuing with Scion and them some Vampyre the Masqurade. It's gonna be sweet.

God I miss music from the 90s/early 2000. I love rock from then. These new rock bands just...ruin the name of rock. I can't name names here, I don't wanna make some people cry but it's totally the truth. Sevendust, Collective Soul, Rage Against The Machine, Kid Rock, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, KoRn, Papa Roach, Bush...God I could go on and on. There comes a point for everyone where they just stop listening to new stuff on the radio and really just fine tune what they listen to and settle into what they are comfortable with. I think for me and my friends we are starting to reach that settling point already. Minus the occasional new song that really has rock elements and not boy-in-the-closet-shopping mall rock, and of course the J-music, there's not much new stuff to impress us these days.

What about you guys? What really turns you in music tastes? Have you reached your settle point?


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hellish Last Day!

Toma Ikuta
Tomorrow is my last day before spring break! I need to bring my grades up to my satisfaction! I'm really going to study during this break between going with Jamie and the others to Panama City Beach. Jamie and the gang are going to the new Asian resturant by the mall. I say Asian because it has a little of everything. The sushi chef is awesome, we know each other by name now. XD And then off to the Ripley's museum and hopefully I'll get to go with my friend Adam to the gay club called Splash. ^ ^

I have a huge quiz tomorrow for biology. I have to name off every inch of the heart! @_@ Good lordeh! Good luck to me indeed!

Online Videos by Veoh.com
I thought some of you would really appreciate this, this is the first episode of the live action Honey and Clover. I love it cause Toma Ikuta plays as the main character. It's a really different side of him compared to his wilder Nakatsu from Hana Kimi. v! ^ ^

Anywho I gotta get to bed. Oh! I've made a lot of new wallpapers recently, I hope you guys take the time to look. I know Angel has. XD The link is at the top of this page of course. Thanks guys!


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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I can't stay on long, I'm about to go to Jamie's house for the weekend. But! I have a little something for you, I hope you all will be able to watch and enjoy. ^ ^

Since I'm going to be watching Hana Kimi with her, I wanted to give you all a little taste of the show! I highly recommend it to all of you. It's one of the best live actions I've ever watched. And I say that with a serious face. Watch!
>( <-- Serious face.

If you don't know what the story is about, this is a little synopsis: Ashyia Mizuki is an American/Japanese who one day decides to go to a male-only school in search of her idol Sano Izumi. That's about all I can say without getting into the plot and spoiling it for some of you. But it's fabulous. Since it's based on the manga, it's really animated. I hear there is an anime too, for those of you who don't want to read it or don't like live action. I'm not sure if that's true, maybe someone can confirm that for me. So! Here are some clips!

Online Videos by Veoh.com
This is one of my favorite scenes, Sano by now is already in love with her, but Nakatsu (my favorite character) fell for her way earlier on then he did. So now they basically fight over Mizuki without her knowing it.

Online Videos by Veoh.com
This is a fabulous music video based on Nakatsuís point of view. It makes me smile. V! ^ ^

Online Videos by Veoh.com
And this is the first episode! That is for people who have 58 minutes to kill, fill free to enjoy! Iím going to add all 12/13 episodes onto the video/quiz section of my site, so whenever you want to watch itíll be there hopefully by Monday.

Love you guys! Talk to you later on!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update Update!

Hey guys! I gotta make this quick, I still have a lot of homework I need to finish. Iíve been slacking the past few weeks. Shocking, ne? lol But I am trying to pick myself up again. I have a test tomorrow in biology but thankfully she broke it down into two sections.

*pokes the avatar* Apparently whatever avi I have there gets stuck here and I canít get rid of the text under it. GrrÖjust grr! T_T

Besides biology, political science is going well. Iíve finished my blogs on the class blog site. Now any extra posts I give cost extra credit. Lucky! V! So I did one based on North Korea. After all the shouting and near rage that have been built up during other posts, Iím glad this one was more toned down. The teacher got on everyoneís ass for name calling and stuff, so everyone is more civilized now. Thank god.
Click Me!
Well one good thing from theotaku, I can finally REsubmit my old wallpapers that they deleted due to being real life content. The only drawback is if you edit them after submitting they like, disappear from the main page. O_o Odd. But oh well. Iím just happy I got to submit ElvesAteMyRamenís dedication wallpaper of her favorite TeniMyu boy. ^ ^ Isnít Nagayama the cutest? I was going to submit another but it wouldnít let me. *shrugs* You can click the picture and it takes you to my lil Nagayama wallpaper. ^ ^

God I love this song, itís one of my favorites from Bush. I wish they didnít break up! I love all of their songs, which is rare for me to love every single song, but Bush seems to manage me well. V!

Iím about to have a big weekend. Amy, yes, Amy is spending alllll weekend with me starting tomorrow. Iím about to throw her into hell. XD Not the evil Ďomg painí hell but the Ďomg Iím so boredí hell. My old high school friends want to roleplay this weekend with a new white-wolf rp game called Scion: Hero. And then after that Iím dragging her along to Jamieís house where weíre stuffing our faces with pizza and playing Halo and Super Smash Brawl and watching anime. Everything Amy hates. Buwhahaha! XD

Later sexies!

P.S. Yes the one in the blue hoodie was the chick from the last video!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

I remember some of you mentioning that youíve read Hana Kimi. I hear itís a really long manga. Unfortunately my attention span doesnít last long for manga over the length of something like Fake, which was 7 volumes. lol! And someone else mentioned that it didnít look like the one they were use to watching, and itís true! The first one I showed you was the Japanese version, with Shirota Yuu. And yes Elves, heís actually Japanese and Spanish. Itís so funny to listen to him backstage. Sometimes he doesnít know what language to stick with. Heíll start in English, then Japanese and Spanish, using all three. XD So confusing! Itís probably why he acts. I guess it helps?

This version is the Taiwanese version. ^ ^ And yes, that IS a girl! I thought it was hilarious regardless. But man, they picked such a tomboy to play the character! XD And if you canít tell which one is the girl, Iím totally not telling. Hahaha!

Oh yea, since thanks to Adam, I canít pm again, just wanted to let you know Elves I have some new videos for you! Iíll try to be on yahoo for whenever you get on!

Well so far Adam has given us an ugly ass comment box, taken away our right to PM here, where we function, not theo, wonít give us our avatar link, we have to hunt for it like poachers, and our comment manager link, for whatever reason yaíll use it, isnít given back either. I believe heís doing this to make sure we quit myo, or to just move to theotaku, which is what he wants. ďOh, a new place, gotta make a name there! Oh so nice, after all, the other stuff isnít on myotaku anymore! guess Iíll settle in here!Ē

If everyone moves to theotaku, (doing stupid stuff like copy pasting back and forth as if some people canít look on your original name like an intelligent person), or quits myotaku, Iím just gonna quit as well. Iím here only to talk to you guys, and myotaku has been my home since 04. And if itís just gone in a flash over some new site Iím outta here.

I had a presentation to do in psychology class. I was so nervous! It was based on homophobia. Luckily for me, we ran out of time in class thanks to other students going ahead of me. But since mine was due that day, I figured I had to get it over with, so I asked my teacher if I could present it in another one of his classes. Heís so awesome, he let me present it in his abnormal psychology class! Most of the back row I noticed, they were all from my graduation class! Lol So I was able to focus on them and it helped me. I showed a video from QAF where Justin was gay bashed after prom, and then I showed another thatís so interesting I just gotta show you guys too.

The first video had everyone scream when the bat the gay basher had hit Justin over the head, I thought that was pretty neat. Whole audience reactions always make me smile, itís so neat to me. And this one had people going, Ďwow.í Which is also cool. The second video I showed is above, hope you enjoy! Anything you want to add, maybe encounters with people who are homophobic, or what you think of the video is also appreciated! ^ ^

Thanks for listening to me, I had to get all the bullshit with Adam off of my chest. I just love myotaku too much to see it being underappreciated over some new site just because you can blog there doesnít mean youíre obligated, and I still donít find anything fair about his taking our pms away trying to make us move to theotaku like, Ďthe pms are on theotaku now, so there.í

Love you guys.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

My mother has been looking through our family history. Turns out we're very, very English. XD Well, on my mothers side at least, my mother is strictly English and German, from my fatherís side, (sperm donor) my 'father' is purely Irish. So for me that makes me what, Irish, English, German? With a hint of American Indian somewhere in the gene soup. =P

We come from *looks on moms notes* Yorkshire? Wimbledon, Burghley, and some place called Cambridgeshire? That's what mother has on the notes. She was able to trace our lineage back to about 1544? But I think she's gone further, not sure yet. From what I see in these notes, our last names have been Neville, Proud, Speaks, and a lot of Pennington. Awesome stuff. ^ ^ The only German name she found was Flitzroger? Odd name. Any overseas friends of mine know these places I've mentioned? I'd love to find pictures of them. v!
Tear TearShirota YuuGeek
I know what my next theme is going to be after I get all the miles out of Shirota Yuu here. Thanks to Emmah, we have the link to change our icons again. It's at the end of the post. (Shirota has the exact same glasses as me! v!) I'm going to use Queer As Folk (US version) after Shirota. ^ ^

While looking for pictures and stuff from QAF, I found out some interesting facts about Hal Sparks (The man who plays Michael). He's actually a very talented singer and a stand up comedian. This song that's playing is one of his; I really, really love his singing voice.

Mm Subway...eat fresh! *nibbles meatball sub with sunbake potato chips* Reminds me of childhood. I'd always get subway when going on a field trip.

I promised some Shirota Yuu clips, this one is absolutely hilarious! It's a (yaoi) kissing scene from the live action called Hana Kimi where his kissing partner passed out. Apparently he's never been kissed. Enjoy!

I was supposed to go to a party today, but I knew they were going to get drunk, and I really don't like that, so I just decided to skip it. I know it's Jamie's birthday and all, but...I don't feel like waking up to idiots puking in toilets. =P I'll spend time with her next weekend. I'm suppose to go play D&D tomorrow with my boys, hopefully it won't get in the way of my homework.

I'm such a cheap date; I bought myself a ten dollar watch that is so frickin sexy; all silver and leather. Yea baby, that's hott.
And I'll get a picture of moms ring soon! She never takes it off for me to snap a pic of it! >_<

I bought a tiny 6 dollar bottle of Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume. Smells like sex in a bottle. Mmmm. v!

Any who, love you guys! I have homework to finish. *snuggles in fluffy pjs*


Change Your Icon Here!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Take in a breath.

Shirota Yuu

So! Minus the Adam ordeal, how is everyone? ^ ^;

Valentines Day was fabulous! v!

I spent time with Travis, Kyle, Amy (yes Amy) and other friends. My friend Travis got me a red rose. How sweet! I shared chocolate with Amy, and I bought my mother a yellow rose for two dollars! Patty bought mother a beautiful butterfly ring she had been saving her money to get her. I should take a picture of it to show you sometime.

Amy and I are doing better; we've learned to keep our friendship at a safer distance, the better to keep bitch drama out of the situation.

At any rate...

I spent all of Saturday with my friend Jamie. Jamie is an interesting person. It's nice to enjoy someone's company who has the same interests as me; anime, international culture, food, games, manga, same music tastes...

We watched ALL of Tenjou Tenge before I went home. My brain is bleeding. @_@

You'll never meet anyone quite like Jamie. This sums her up; Army girl, been to Iraq, anime lover, 23 years old and married, works at the bookstore at Chipola and is a student. Awesome ne?

Shirota1Tezuka Shirota2

I promised more Shirota pics for you all. Beautiful hmm? ^ ^ I was going to show you some Shirota video clips too! V! But it's storming really bad, so I can't stay on long. Instead, I've got Shirota singing his song form his idol video that he, and just about everyone else in the Prince of Tennis musical created. The song is called Natsu no Owari Mou Kako no Koi. His voice is very nice, still not a Kato Kazuki though! Yum yum yum!

I went for a stroll today through town with an old friend I haven't seen in a while. We ate Chinese and walked home while the sun set. Very nostalgic. When was the last time you took a walk?

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm back to this site, hopefully with only my old friends from Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon to keep me company. I don't want a million and one people to talk to me, it's why I switched in the first place. I enjoy my friends as Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon, and I am happy with that. However, because of Adam's little seperation, being on the O is a constant headache with two names, so, I'm back on Jangalian! where my wallpapers and crap are. This is THE LAST time I ever move, and you can bank on that. So settle in, sit back and relax, all will be sorted out, or we can just...throw a shoe at Adam.

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