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Monday, April 4, 2005

   Quote the 9th
'If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?'
-Lily Tomlin

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Um...yeah...I was just wondering if ANYBODY can recommend a rurouni kenshin image site I can use...since it's kind of hard to find .JPG images....DAMN YOU BITMAP IMAGES!!!DAMN YOU!!!...anyway....so if anyone can help me out, that'd be great...=P...
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   Quote the 6th, 7th, and 8th
'Silence is a true friend who never betrays'

'In Hollywood a marriage is a success if it outlasts milk'
-Rita Ruder

'When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear'
-Mark Twain

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

   Happy Happy YAY
Suddenly I am very happy..yes...happy, so tomorrow I am going to post THREE QUOTES,yes you heard me correctly THREE...so be perpared for Mark Twain, some lady I've never heard of before and Confucius!!!YAY!!
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   Hypocrites and how much I hate and/or loathe them
Okay...this has been bugging me for more than awhile...anyway...sometimes when I visit someone else's site and it's all "gothic",well...IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOU'RE NOT A GOTH SO STOP PRETENDING THAT YOU ARE!!!!PEOPLE JUST DO THAT TO BE "COOL", BUT ITS STUPID, DEGRADING, PATHETIC AND IDIOTIC...PEOPLE ACT LIKE: OOO, Look at me I'm gothic, I'm cool, so sign my guestbook so that you will look cool too...PATHETIC!!!THERE'S NOTHING WORSE THAN A HYPOCRITE...EVERYONE KNOWS THAT YOU'RE NOT "GOTHIC" OR "DEPRESSED" OR "MY LIFES SO BAD, I WANT TO KILL MYSELF"...WE KNOW YOUR JUST SOME STUPID TEEN THAT WANTS TO BE COOL!!!YOU'RE NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, JUST BE YOUR SELF.For example, my buddy Dream wings...sure she's a tad bit too optimistic for her own good, BUT AT LEAST SHES BEING HERSELF, NOT LIKE SOME OTHERS WHO TRY TO BE COOL THAT ACTUALLY RUIN THEMSELVES IN THE END!!!! I don't care if you hypocrites insult me in the end...I just want to make my self clear...BE YOURSELF, THERE'S NO SENSE IN BEING WHO YOU ARE NOT!!!Thank you and you don't have to comment...
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   Meaning of Quote the 5th
Well seeing as though most of you don't understand the quote below, I'm going to try to explain to you what it means...anyway...have you ever had someone you didn't know very well at your house and after they left something would be missing?well.In this quote Confucious is saying that if you had a thousand servants over at your house(if you had servants, you probably wouldn't have known them very well) every once and awhile you would find out that a few of your things would be missing...this is because the servants stole from you( I should know, because out of personal experience). Don't ask me why they did, because this is a fact of life...don't have maids or housekeepers that stay over night at your house(unless you've known them for qutie awhile)...anyway, if you still don't get it, private message me...=P...
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Quote the 5th
'He who has a thousand servants, has a thousand theives'

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Friday, April 1, 2005

Anyway I was just wondering if you want me to keep doing the quotes...believe me I love doing them myself, BUT, just for personal reference I was just wondering if all of you guys(and girls) want me to keep doing this...all of you seem like your enjoying them,but I just wanted to know...thanks and =P and bye.
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   Happy April Fool's Day
I just wanted to say HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!....APRIL FOOL'S...actually I wanted to say the meaning of the quote below....anyway....you know how some friends stab you in the BACK...well the quote says that true friends stab you in the front...so basically if you had a friend that stabbed you in the back...they wouldn't really be your friend,BUT if a friend trusted you enough and wanted to murder you they come face-to-face and stab you right there...so...it is a strange explanation,yes,but when it comes to stabbing friends, isn't it always....=P....
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   Quote the 4th
'True friends stab you in the front'
-Oscar Wilde

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