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Friday, June 15, 2007

an interesting question.
someone once asked me why i spend my time online so much instead of actualy trying to be social. i haven't posted anything normal for a while so i think i should explain it. as many of you may have experianced, there is a use for the internet besides just talking with friends and making new ones. It's a chance to escape the real world and the stress we feel in the real world. i use the internet for this reason; to escape. when i first go on this site, it was to escape my real life and become a difirent pirson than what i actualy was, and i feel good when i am online. though it worries people because i am online so much, i actualy feel like that i am someone not alot of people know. it gives me a chance to start over. anyways you probly don't care about this anyways. i was thinking about leaving the site anyways, just because i was here for so long, and am getting towards the end of my time here. i will be gone for a long time and want a chance to say see you later.
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