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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   Alive Again!

Hello Everyone! Wow I pretty much disappeared there again didn't I? I do apologize! I started a new job and my mind just didn't seem to be able to switch off long enough to play around and just visit with everyone here! And much to my disappointment I didn't get a chance to make X-Mas and New Years cards either! No fun!

But I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and that the new year is going great for you all! I'm starting to get settled into this new job so I hope that I can start visiting with everyone again and catching up with all your journals! So please be patient with me!

And sadly I can't even claim that I've been being creative on the side. A couple of months ago I bought myself a new computer. A completely fantastic Alienware gaming computer that can play and do just about anything I can ask of it. However when I was setting it all up I foolishly forgot to get Photoshop on it. And I'd wiped the HD of my old computer already so I couldn't even steal if off that machine! So now I'm working with my roomie to get another copy of it that will work on this silly Windows Vista. I'm telling you, skip Vista is you have a choice. LOL

Manga and Anime-wise I've been keeping up to date with old favorites and watching some of the new series as well. I'm sad to say theres not many of the current new series that I'm really into. But I am enjoying Clannad, Spice and Wolf, Rental Magica and Ghost Hound. A bit of great story telling and fantastic animations really brings all four of those to life. Sadly though I don't have much time today to talk I just wanted to let you all I know I'm still alive and I hope to be settled back this March! Which is kinda great actually since it looks like the new version will launch then as well. I look forward to seeing the new otaku.com! ^^

Take care everyone! *Hugs* Talk to you soon!

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