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Monday, October 1, 2007

   Wicked Witch of the West!?!

Hello Everyone! First off thanks so much everyone for the support and message over the past couple of months. Especially Shishou and Drift, you two just cracked up up continually. And I can't believe you managed to push my comments that high! LoL You definitely cracked me up! So thanks! I love you guys!

But as some of you noticed I pretty much disappeared again, so I guess my whole post about being back wasn't exactly the truth. Honestly I thought it was but I found myself with almost less time to come around theO than I had when I was overseas. Some of you know that I volunteer my time with SAR's (Search and Rescue) and for some reason this year has been particularly busy with folks getting lost in the mountains. And I admit since my leg is back in shape again I've spent as much time as I can working it out in the mountains or kayaking around the Sound. And oddly enough doing a whole new assignment for the IRS. LoL I'm often amazed at how much stuff you can back into a day and still make it back home with the energy to fall into your bed! ^^

So yeah that's my excuse of sorts, real life just kind dragged me away. And with luck next month I'll be heading over to South Africa to help out some marine biologist friends of mine play with sharks! ^^ Great white sharks actually, which reminds me I need to get re-certified for deep dives! LoL No more getting hit by cars though I'm playing it extra safe!

I've been watching anime whenever I have some time though and I'm kinda sad to see the summer premieres end. Though I admit I was greatly disappointed in a few of the finales. Ah well I won't rant now though since I'm pretty short on time still, I just wanted to say hello! And well I did promise a few of you that I'd post and update and let you know I was still alive!! ^^ With luck this winter things will calm down for me and I can finally get some good old fashion net surfing done!

Oh before I go for those of you interested since I've been gone I've posted a few wallpapers, e-cards and icons (on my LJ), so if you're into my stuff feel free to check those out!! ^^

Take care guys! I miss chatting to you all soon much and I really hope I can get back on track and see you all again really soon! Bye!

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