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Friday, July 27, 2007

   Returning from the Trenches!

Hello Everyone! Long time no see! Ah man I've missed you all so very much and I completely understand if half of you have forgotten who I am at this point! ^^ For those of you who don't know I've been gone on work related adventures. With my legs full recovery I decided to jump back into my work and well the one of the first job requests I got set me right up for another one. This one actually came from a branch of the government, which means big money for me. LoL However this also meant that I accepted a long term job that was gonna drag me around the world for a bit. Which sounds like a lot more fun than it actually was. LoL I've spent the last few months traveling all around Europe and the Middle East and finally have made it back home. Oh how I've missed my own bed and my kitties and my puppy! Ok and I missed my roommates too! ^^

I'm sure some of you have noticed that I managed to post new wallpapers, e-cards and the like while I was gone. I managed to create a few things that I wanted to share. So I took down my site during this time because well honestly I didn't feel up to posting when I knew I couldn't visit you guys! Stupid time restraints! So I just tossed up a few creations and tried to answer PM's when I could! Thanks those of you who took the time to PM and wonder where the heck I disappeared too. Very sweet of you!

I also posted more icons over at my LiveJournal account if you're interested in that kind of thing. Honestly I had an easier time making icons that I had making any of my other things. Its amazing how relaxing it is to make up a tiny little icon while trying to figure out some work problem. I kind of used it as therapy.

Ok so here's the bad news, even though I'm back in Seattle I'm still not going to be online as much as I use to be. This job pretty much opened up some big accounts for me so I'm working a lot more than I was with when I was injuried. Which is both good and bad. LoL Guess this means I have more money for anime and manga but not as much time for playing on the internet. So I won't be on the O every day like I use to be, but I'll try to visit sites at least once a week or so! So I understand completely if you delete me from your friends list or don't visit me.

Now on a happier note even while playing around the world I still managed to keep up to date on Anime so I still have lots to talk about with you guys! So with luck my future posts will be more interesting! Hehehe I missed you guys lots and lots! I can't wait to see what you've all been up too! Take care everyone!

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