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Monday, May 14, 2007

   I return from the big bad city! ^^

Hello Everyone! I'm back from New York safe and sound, if a bit exhausted. I'll never understand why I can't just get a direct flight from Seattle to New York rather than having to hit hubs along the way. I hate layovers with a passion! LoL Makes me wish I could afford my own plane instead! Hmm maybe I should try saving up my money sometime and pricing one out. Seems kind of a waste to spend all my money on plane tickets when I could spend it tooling around in my own right? LoL Oh well next time I plan a trip like this I just need more warning really, I know there are nonstop flights I'm just unlucky when I need to travel. ^^ No one ever gives a gal warning when they need her to rush to the rescue.

The job went really well actually, though it was a lot more difficult than I had first determined. The companies records and finances were just a mess to go through. Much less attempting to go through them looking for a single embezzler. I spent most of Friday and Saturday just making heads and tails of their filing system. No wonder the CEO couldn't figure out a way to get the stuff to me in Seattle, half of it wasn't even in their computer system yet! LoL I won't name names, but man I hope none of you guys are doing business with this company. LoL So here's the really fun part, half way through Sunday I got that feeling that I was on the right track and I knew where the money was going. Unfortunately trying to explain it was enough to nearly get me fired. ^^ Good thing I'm not the easy to scare type. Turns out the owner of the company was in fact the person taking the cash. I mean really if you want the money and you own the thing just take it in plan sight darn it, don't put your company in the black because they can't figure out what they're doing wrong. Much less make them hire someone like me to come solve the problem. I'm not cheap darn it! LoL

Oh well not a happy solution but at least now they know what's going on so they can all quit or scream at the owner or something. LoL Oh and this isn't my first trip to NYC, I've actually been there a lot. But I don't really care for the big metropolis. Yeah I know some of you are going, don't you live in Seattle? But honestly this is the only town I've ever been to where a million odd people still feels like a smaller town mentality. Even going to downtown Seattle doesn't make me feel like I'm in a big city. But I still get all the big city goodness of shopping and theater! ^^ But since I had some time Sunday I did do a bit of shopping and playing around. No real time to hit any theaters or anything unfortunately. Though I would have liked to see what was showing on Broadway. No luck this trip for that kind of stuff. But I did find some nice new outfits and a lovely shiny opal necklace for my mom for Mother's Day. I hope you all remembered your Mom and at least called or made funny faces at her! ^^

LoL Glad you guys liked the icons from the last post, I just couldn't resist those silly Jaken and Sesshomaru ones. They were just too funny. This posts icons don't have any real significance. I just like icons. LoL And yes I know I stepped away from anime for a second there...but darn it Supernatural is on it's season finale and I'm in a total Dean obsessed mood! LoL So you'll just have to deal with the cute boy in my icons! ^^

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So after this I'm going to make a run at all your sites! So that should be lots of fun considering it's been nearly a week since I've talked to you guys! Can't wait to see what you've been up to and what nifty new things are going on in your lives! I hope everyone is doing great of course! And I'll apologize now if I miss a site here or there because I'm still pretty sleepy! So blame the long plane ride and that annoying guy next to me who kept asking me where we were. What like I'm supposed to look down from the plane and guess what state we're flying over? O.o What's with that? Thank god for business class though at least I can boot up my laptop and pretend I'm working. LoL I'm sneaky like a ninja! Hmm are there computer ninjas...maybe I can make up a new club for that! Who wants to be a computer ninja with me? ^^

Much thx on the congrats for the 2000 hits. I'm still kind of surprised by it. I only started really working on this site about a year ago so I'm always pleased to see so many folks stopping by! And some of you mentioned you only have low visit numbers, don't worry about that. ^^ I always say it's not the number of visits but the quality of those who stay! Welcome your friends with warm hearts and you'll find the O a wonderful place to be! I really do love this site, I've never seen such a wonderful community. Especially when it comes to anime and gaming communities! ^^ Usually they dissolve into a horrible comparison place, I'm just so grateful at what a fun and enjoyable place the O really is! And wow doesn't that sound like an ad for the place huh? LOL But then anyone who puts up with my really long posts every time I come on here has to be considered a good friend! Hehehe

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