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Friday, May 11, 2007

   Gotta fly!

Hello Everyone!
Just a fairly quick and short post from me this time! I wanted to explain my disappearance this week! Though I tried to get to sites I was pretty much hit and miss I'm afraid! Now that my knee is pretty much acting like a knee should be I've been getting back to work and trying to catch up on everything I missed. Unfortunately this meant a lot of running around and a ton of work in my office. Not much fun that actually, you would not believe how much I let things slide when I'm feeling sorry for myself. LoL

So in the midst of getting all that stuff done I got a call for a new job from a company in New York so I was all set to do that when it turns out our computer systems refuse to talk to each other so I can't go through their databases and get the info I need. So I spent a ton of time talking to Microsoft here in Redmond trying to figure out some way for me to get into their system so I wouldn't have to fly out there and do it in person. And well so yeah tomorrow I'm flying out to New York to work on a job. It shouldn't take me more than the weekend but I doubt I'll be able to sneak much online time when I'm there. No fun at all! Usually when I do this stuff at home I can play on the net while my computer does it's research. Now I have to look all business-like in front of the customer! LOL Oh well since I'm down to only needing the cane on stairs at least I'll look more intimidating than I did on crutches for that last job! Hehehe

Oh I did want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts on my unique little factoids about me. And I really appreciate the thanks on my military service. In all honestly I adored the Marines and would probably still be there if I hadn't been injured. Hmm ever get the feeling that I'm accident prone? LoL But really it was a great honor and since I grew up in a military family it was a pretty natural choice. ^^

Oh today's icons are here solely to entertain LS! ^^ I saw these and couldn't resist! *blows kisses*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I managed to create a few things before I got torn away by work, so theres a couple of wallpapers. One of Griffith from berserk and Aya from Weiss Kreuz. There's also a dozen or so e-cards that I tossed up! Feel free to check them out if you'd like. ^^ Comments and random thoughts are always welcome. LoL

Oh I hit 2000 hits on my site! So nice to see so many folks appearing around here to check out my bizarre little page! Thanks for visiting!

Ok folks I'm off to finish packing so I'll try to visit sites when I get back, I hope everyone is doing great while I've been gone and that you all have a fantastic weekend as well! Later!

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