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Thursday, April 19, 2007

   I'm back! Did you miss me? Hehehe

Hello Everyone! Ah man I missed you guys so much! As you can guess I am finally back home again and I finally have real access to the internet! I actually got out of the hospital about a week ago but then my mom begged me to stay down in AZ with her for a bit while I got use to doing stuff on my own. Pretty nice of her actually considering she's had to put up with me for over a month now! ^^

I am doing wonderful by the way thank you all for your wonderful support and sweet comments! I greatly appreciate them! I read them often while sitting in that hospital bed. ^^ After all you can only watch so much anime and read so many mangas before your mind begins to melt. Actually...I could probably have watched a lot more but my mom could only bring in so much. Hehehe For those who are curious I am now the proud owner of a new knee, which is an odd feeling to say the least but hey its working pretty well now. Still a bit sore of course but I'm down to just using a cane to get around which is a nice improvement from the wheelchair I've been stuck in for a while now.

But its so nice to be home! Though between my cats and dog welcoming me home I nearly didn't make it in the house alive. LoL It's so nice to feel loved and missed! ^^ I think my roommates were happy to see me as well...or at least happy they don't have to keep trying to figure out how to post on sites for me and send me anime long distance! So many lovely animes watched, but I'll be talking about them at later dates this post will be long enough with me getting into that!

I will be visiting sites all day long today! So please be patient, it's been forever since I've seen you all and I want to stop by everyones site and say hello! I've missed you guys so much I can't wait to get caught up with you all!

I posted a few of the wallpapers I've been working on over the past couple of weeks. Three from one of my fave mangas called Midori no Hibi and one from Blade of the Immortal; another amazing manga. I've got a lot more to post actually but I figured a few at a time would be better! And wow...I've been promoted to Otaku Legend...when the heck did that happen?! Nifty! Hehehe See you learn something new every day here at the O! ^^

Of I wanted to mention a friend of mine has been pushing me into designing icons/avatars since I'm so fond of them. And well because the animes I want to use as icons never seem to have people making icons. So I've been making some for a few of my fave sport animes to get started. And well if you're interested and want to see them you can jump over to my LiveJournal and check them out. I don't actually post like journal stuff over there. Just opened it so I could post comments to other peoples sites. LoL Now I can post my icons there and let folks steal them like I steal icons here! Hehehe

I'll also be working my way through guest book visits and PM's as fast as I can! I promise to answer them all but please be patient there's just one of me and I'm still not completely mobile! ^^ Talk to you all real soon!!

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