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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

   Cut & Paste News

Hello Everyone! Yes this is really me, but I'm not really here. So shhh...you don't see me. ^^ I want to thank everyone for their sweet well wishes and such I really do appreciate them! And contrary to my roommates comment I was not being an idiot when I hurt myself it was an accident! I was being good! ^^

See it all started because I got a call from my parents down in AZ that my grandpa was going in for an open heart surgery thingie and they wanted me to come down for moral support and all that. And I figured why not I'm just stuck not moving here I might as well be stuck no moving down there where it's sunny. So I grabbed a flight and went on down there and all was going well until well the accident happened. See my parents live in this lovely lace and there is access to this lovely pool. And hmm did I mention that spilled pool water and walking on crutches completely do not match? So yeah I kinda slipped and well being quick minded I tried to catch myself...which actually made things a lot worse since I tried to stop myself from falling with my bad leg. Hmm yeah so maybe it was kind of stupid after all huh?

So my parents decided that a hospital visit would be a good thing and the doctors and nurse there decided I should stick around for a while as they proceeded to poke and prod me with very many needles in all hours of the day and night. Someone has to explain to me how my temperature at 2am affects my knee? O.o Yeah so that was annoying to say the least. But worst of all is they don't allow internet access at all in the hospital! None! Not even a little bit! It's horrible! I'm going crazy, I want to surf and do all kinds of stuff! I can't even hack into a wireless single or anything. Depressing. But they let me keep my laptop so I can at least write stuff like this and have my mom e-mail it to my roommate to post on my site. And you thought my normal posts took effort, now I'm just crazy with the networking. LoL

On the happy note I have a ton of anime on DVD's to watch and my mom believes that reading is a wonderful thing so she's flooding me with mangas and books whenever she's on shift. Oh my mom, my sister and my aunt are all nurses in this hospital...doesn't that just sound like a fun place for me to be? LoL Thankfully they don't work on this floor so I'm safe from most of their help. ^^ Actually everyone's been really nice and they seem to love chatting with me while I'm trying to lose myself in anime. Darn people. Heheh

Oh yeah...so basically I screwed up my knee worse than it was before which means I had no choice but to do the whole knee replacement thing. So that's what I'm doing now. Surgery after surgery of prep and such and then comes the therapy and learning how to walk and such again. Hence why I'm not going to be around much. But I figured I might as well try to keep those who were interested a bit up to date on whats happening to me and why I haven't been visiting. But man I miss chatting with you guys and hearing about your days and such. Stupid hospital rules, they should know the internet is a wonderful thing. LoL

Of course when I get back I'm going to have a ton of e-cards and wallpapers to submit since I can still make this on this silly thing even if I can't submit them. Oh well I'm going to head back to watching some more Prince of Tennis before my next therapy session, chat with you later!! Take care and I hope to be back online in a few more weeks! Miss you all very much! Bye bye!

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