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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Sorry I don't update here a lot anymore... I'm obsessed with xanga now... if yu want, you can leave your xanga username here, and I'll contact you at xanga and we'll subscribe to each other ^_^ My username there isn't Jaganshi... my xanga is very personal and private. No mention of it here please, you you do become in contact with it in the future. Thank you. If you have an xanga, don't be shy! I want many subscriptions >:) OK, later!
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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Leaving in like 5 minutes to visit family in new jersey for Thanksgiving. New jrsey smells funny... no offense to any one there, it just smells different than the Washington DC suburb in which I live in. Anyway, IO swear I won't overeat!!

Also, Byron is doing a web comic, but we can't draw well, and he said he's looking for a good anime artist, and I'm all 'I'll draw for you!' and he was uber happy about that, so we are getting together Monday during lunch to map out our cartoon ^_^ I'm so happy!!!! I'm going to be a online comic artist!!

OK, later!

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

   Play II
The play was AMAZING!!!! It was so great, I'm going again tonight ^_^ And no, Byron didn't die. His voice was so amazing and sexy. I couldn't really hang out with him before or after, but i did during intermission, and it was fun, we were all hugging and stuff. I can't wait to see it tonight ^_^ I hope someone falls in the pit and doesn't die. OK, later!
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Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm going to the school play of Little Shop of Horrors tonight!!!! It will be SO fun! My friend Byron is in it ^_^ He's Audrey II, the man-eating plant. I get to hear him really sing for the first time. He will either really suck or be really amazing. I had a dream about him and the play last night. I dreamed he fell in the pit, from the pit orchestra, and died. It was horrible. I feel really bad about that. But I also had a dream that I kissed him, and that never happened, so chances are that my dreams don't predict the future ^_^ I leave in about an hour and a half. Much fun :D OK, later!
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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Raking leaves sucks... especially with a rake meant for someone thre times your size... especially with your dad yelling at you that you're doing it wrong a lot... what's the point of raking leaves, seriously? I don't care that my lawn has leaves on it or if it kills the lawn, I really don't. Oh well. I just live here. *meow*
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Thursday, November 11, 2004

   Report Card
Damn. My GPA is a 3.42. It sucks. I'm so not taking all honors and AP classes next year. Four B's and three A's... damn, that is so not good for me. I got straight A's in everything my freshman year. It just sucks.

Well, on a lighter note, Britt, Mary, Adam, Kenny, Lisa, and Ryan and I played football behind our old middle school again after school today. Mucho funno. And I cuddled with Kenny ^_^ Fun fun.

OK, later!

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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   Well now...
Well. So Byron calls me Friday to go bike riding, and we meet up at the local middle school. He wanted to sit down. So we go to the back of the school and sit in one of the benches next to the baseball field, and we basically canoodle for a while. It was fun. w00t.

I went to the International Spy museum in Wash DC today. It was fun! Everyone should go. But I hate Wash DC, it's all dirty and crowded =(

OK, later!

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Thursday, November 4, 2004

Woaw, haven't updated in like forever. Let's see... things didn't move foward as smoothly foward with Byron as I'd hoped. But he is busy with the play, he has like the second to lead role, and it's taking up all his time and he says he'll move foward girl-wise once the play is done. I'll either be very happy or very dissapointed on November 21. I've been getting friendlier with Stephen just in case anyway. Stephen's really awesome and we have a lot in common anyway, and I really do want to be his friend, even if I wind up being the girlfriend of Byron, which I doubt at this point. Lalala...

I got straight A's last year, but in my county they totally changed the grading policy so now it's like 100X harder to get an A. Ou tof seven classes, I have three As and four Bs. My dad is going to kill me.

Halloween was fun, I went trick or treating with one of my best friends Alisa, and we got a huge haul of candy. It was great.

Mark your calendars! Even though I'm a girl, everyone can take part to celebrate National straight White Male History Day, a holiday created by a very good friend of mine, which will take place on April 2. He's making t-shirts and a bunch of us are going to get one and wear them on that day. He, being a straight white male, says that all other ethnic groups and stuff get their own days or months, so straight white males should get their day too. Lol, he's weird like that ^_^ But it will be mighty fun, and none of us are really seriuos about it, so don't worry.

Ok, later!

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

   Homecoming III
w00t! Went as Byron's date. He picked me up and bought me this beauiful corsage <3 We then went to Katie's before-party with us three, Ryan, and Lisa, and we ordered Chinese and had fun :D Then we went to the dance, and I was kinda floating around like three different groups of friends. Byron was around sometimes, but there was this period where I lost him for like an hour o_O The cafeteria was so crowded, you could hardly move. But we slowdanced, and it twas fun. It ended at 11:30, but a whole group of us left at like 10:30 to go to Rei's after party. We were waiting outside for rides, and it was SO freezing, and Byron gave me his jacket to put on and he was next to me and holding mah hand and cuddly, and it was so sweet <3 When we went to Rei's house, we saw Carrie, and me and Byron were sharing a blanket on teh couch, and he had his arm around me and we were holding hands and cuddling and stuff <3 Overall, a very very good night ^_^ OK, later!
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Saturday, October 23, 2004

   Homecoming II
Originally, I was going to homecoming, which is tonight, with Byron and Katie as friends. Then Byron comments on my xanga to call him, and I did last night. He sounded really nervous and sweet, and basically said that Katie didn't want to go anymore and if I could go with him as a date, like more than just friends. I said I would love to ^_^ He was like, yay!, and then he'll call me later today for meeting places and times and stuff. But I doubt I'll start a relationship with him, because of some stuff he wrote on his livejournal, which would take too long if I went into here, but I have a date to homecoming! Score. OK, later!
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