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Sunday, December 18, 2005

   merry xmas 2 all!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Friday my nana took me 2 Hot Topic! She said that she would buy me anything along with the Captn' Hook shirt she got me. She got me this awesome Naruto lunchbox!oh, and I beat Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories yesterday!

Anime survey of DOOM!
Anime Favorites
Anime:Naruto and FMA
Boy character:Naruto
Girl character:Sakura
Attack:Judgement, OmniSlash, and Sexy Jutsu cuz Naruto's funny!!!!!!!
Song:Simple and Clean~Hikaru Utada, Shinjitsu No Uta~DAI, Dearest~Ayumi Hamasaki
Weapon:magic, shuriken, Kunai knives, armblades
Anime dislikes
Least favorite anime:Cyborg 009 and IGPX
Character:Rock Lee
Boy character:Rock Lee
Girl character:...Kagome
Attack:Jesse and James' anthem (it's an attack to the ears!)
Song:Innocent Kiss
Random anime goodness
Character you feel sympathy for:Naruto(for earlier when he was hated for the demon in his body he didn't even know about)
Character that acts like you:Sakura(cuz we're obsessed with getting a certain guy!)
Character that looks like you:Izayoi (I'm not really thinking) and...Haku (except unlike Haku, I'm a girl!)
Character you find attractive:Naruto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and people on my list
Character you could be friends with:Sakura,Alphonse,Kairi, & Namine'
Character that would make a good brother:Alphonse Elric, Iruka-sensei, Shippou
How about sister?:Sango, Sakura, Winry
Character you wish you could kill:Naraku, Rock Lee, and Kagome (i'm antikagome all da sudden)
Weapon or skill you wish you could have:...so many!but magic and my fav weapons
Character that reminds you of someone:Sesshoumaru and Fuu
Who do they remind you of?:my bro(cold like sess) and my cuz(not afraid to say whats on her mind)
If you could be in any anime which one would you choose?:Naruto
Which anime character would you want to look like?:Sakura so Naruto would love me!!!
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