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Thursday, December 15, 2005

My 1st Fanfic,
this is my 1st fanfic, so be nice(That means u, Klin!)okay, here we go!

Naruto just stood there. Occasionally she would turn around, just to wave again. But she only turned around 3 times, her 3 kitsune tails flying in the wind.He just stood there, blushed a bit, but he was able to wave back. Her skirt flapped in the wind, and he turned his head in the(sort of)hope that perhaps he would get just a small peek up that skirt(Kakashi was rubbing off on him!)of hers. She ran for sometime, until she sort of realized she could just do a jutsu and leave. So she did. But Naruto did nothing. All he could do was just watch And remember, the one girl whom had returned his feeling of affection.It almost seemed like yesterday, when they had met...

(Sometime Earlier)

Naruto was sitting in the dojo, just waiting for class to start. As impatient as ever, whipping his head to the left, then right, then left again, all he did was just doodle himslef totally obliterating Sasuke. His drawing was not going well, and there was at least 4 eraser holes in the paper. "Where the hell is Kakashi-sensei, I'm getting really bored!Believe it!" he thought, making his 5th eraser hole.After doing the final touches on some fire engulfing the entire lower left flank of Sasuke's body, it was not the sensei that came in, but the Hokage. Immediately, everybody stood up: Though it took Naruto 10 seconds to realize why everybody had rose. With him was an embarassed-looking girl with big brown eyes and long brown hair, and whom looked barely shorter than Sakura.She was wearing a green blouse, a green skirt with black out line, and a red necklace with a spiral in the middle. Her most striking feature was her headband that covered her entire head and had the emblem of Kiragakure, signifying that she was from the Village Hidden in the Mist. She glance around from person to person, giving an exceptionally surprised look to Shikimaru, who looked back at her as if saying "Fuck you, bitch!Quit fucking looking at me!". Then she looked around and focused on Naruto, and kept her dark brown gaze on him until the Hokage finally said something. Might I note he looked a tad ill, but he continued and said "Attention, students. In order to keep good relations with other ninja villages, we have recieved a foreign exchange student from Kiragakure. We're placing her in this class and will assign her with a squad momentarily. Her name is Aki Himitsu, and I hope that you will be nice to her."

"Great."Naruto thought. "Just what we neede:ANOTHER Sasuke groupie. Plus she's kinda cute.Believe it!" Aki just stared at the class again, still keeping her gaze on Naruto. She found a seat next to Naruto (Sasuke wasn't feeling that well that day)and continued staring at the young blond ninja.This time her staring came with blushing. Finally Naruto took the bait and asked "Can I help you, Aki?" and Aki's (sort of) reply was "Oh...um...eh..Sorry!" and she turned away."Whatever." NAruto thought. Hinata who was on the complete other side of the class, was thinking "Is that new girl making a move on Naruto? Aw man. And I had a crush on him too." Business passes normally (if you could call Aki's constant staring normal) at the academy, and the bell finally rang for the lunch break. Just as Naruto had sat down and was getting something from his bag to eat, Aki mysteriously appeared. "Um...uh...do you mind...can I...um...sit next to you?" she asked, her eyes for once NOT focused on Naruto.

He paused: If not in very rare instances, nobody EVER asked to sit next to him. "Hmm," he thought "Maybe the company could do me good. It reeks having to eat by myself all of the time. Maybe I can even figure out why she's staring at me..."but he was interrupted by Aki. "Um...if you don't want me to sit with you..I understand..." "No! I was just thinking to myself." Naruto said. "Uh...sure! You can sit with me.Just answer one question." "Okay!" Aki beamed, immediatley sitting down next to him."What's the question?" Then Naruto finally asked "Why do you keep staring at me? Just curious, I'm not hurting your feelings, but why do you keep staring at me?"

Aki paused for a few seconds, as if the question didn't compute.Then she replied "Oh!You just looked familiar somehow!I could have sworn I saw you some where..."Then Shikimaru, who was walking by, added "Yeah, on Konohagakure's most wanted list!" and walked away, but not before Naruto yelled "GO FUCK A DUCK, SHIKIMARU!", but then realized that Aki had heard every freaking word of his very vulgar sentence about Shikimaru.Then Naruto, trying to not piss her off, quickly stated "Oh, sorry. That..."shifting his eyes at the dissed young ninja "was Shikimaru. H's just a jerk:Believe it! And...Oh yeah! I never introduced myself! My name is Naruto Uzumaki! And your...Aki, right?""That's right!" the young border replied. "I'm Aki Himitsu, just like the Hokage said! But enough introductions, I'm getting hungry!" and so they sat down, ate their lunch and talked of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings: of why the sea was boiling hot and whether pigs have wings, and other things that you would most likely not care about.

It was a lot later, and the school day was done. Aki was in a forest around 3 miles from Konohagakure, at her house. Right in the living room was one of the hugest kitsunes you could ever imagine. However, young Ms. Himitsu didn't panic. Au contraire, she just plopped down on the couch and turned on some cartoons. After 5 mind-numbingly mundane minutes, Aki looked at the kitsune, and asked "Aren't you going to ask me about my day, Izunagi?""YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO CALL ME BY MY NAME, CHILD!!! But fine, how was your day?" replied, first angrily, but then in a very non-chalante attitude. Then Aki continued in the same insouciant tone "Eh. Can't complain." "Did you make any new friends?" "Yes, I made a very good new friend today, Izunagi." "You just love to piss me off, don't you, Aki?"snapped the kitsune. "But anyhow, did you find the key?" "Huh?" "The key?"Izunagi said as if Aki was as retarded as Naruto. "The key to our mission? I assume he goes to your new school...Right, Aki?" "Yes, Izunagi." replied Aki in a very grave tone. "I've met the key".

Naruto and Aki were just chilling out on the swing where he would be when nobody was his friend. Like a few days ago when they met, the were talking up a storm that made the Galveston Hurricane seem like a light drizzle. This time they were talking about their plans for the future. Actually, Aki was just staring again with a subtle grin on her face. "So what are your plans for the future, Naruto?" asked Aki. "I'M GONNA BE THE BEST DANG HOKAGE THIS VILLAGE HAS EVER SEEN!THAT WAY EVERYBODY WOULD STOP TREATING ME LIKE BULLSHIT AND HAIL ME AS A HERO!BELIEVE IT!" Aki just stared at him for a few seconds, said "I do believe it." and the turned around. "But just a question:" Aki stated "Why does everybody hate you? I've been with you for about 5 days and I have yet to see a reaon that anybody would hate you." Naruto just blushed and said "I...uh...I honestly don't want to talk about it. But anyway, what are you going to do?" "Well, since I've got no siblings, I probably might be the heir to my clan. But I might want to be something simple, like a housewife." Aki responded. Naruto paused for a few seconds, then said "Hey, your the heir to your clan? Does that mean you have a...a...""Kekkei Genkai?""Yeah, that!"Naruto beamed. "So, do you have one?" "Sure I do!" Aki exclaimed proudly. Then she pointed to Shikimaru. "See his cupcake?" Aki asked."Yeah..."replied Naruto in a confused tone. "Well, since my kekkei genkai is messing with people's memories, I'm gonna make him think he promised I could have that cupcake! Watch!" yelled Aki. She did five handsigns and yelled "Memory Link Jutsu!" then she put her hands to her head and yelled "Hey Shikimaru!", but he simply turned without saying anything. Then, keeping her hands to her head, her eyes turned a color similar to the Sharingan, but this wasn't the Sharingan. Then she said "I BELIEVE YOU PROMISED I COULD HAVE THE CUPCAKE..."in a grave tone. "Huh. You know what's funny, I don't remember super clearly promising that, but a promise is a promise." answered Skikimaru "Here you go, now quit talking to me."

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