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Friday, December 9, 2005

   Just more BS firing from my BS cannon!Oh, Naruto spoilers if u watch the anime!
OMG! I just read Book 4 of the Naruto Manga! It was sooooooooooo sad what happenned between Zabuza & Haku!Kakashi killed Haku(he meant to kill Zabuza)and Zabuza showed no feeling to the fact that his lackie was dead (Haku had cared for Zabuza, but Zabuza didn't show how he felt.and before you ask or make a big deal out of it, NO, ZABUZA AND HAKU ARE NOT YAOI!!!!)Naruto had made Zabuza feel guilty about his indifference, and he started to cry abit. Then Gato apearred and Zabuza killed alot of people, including Gato.But Zabuza had like 20 swords in him. So then he fell down, and asked Kakashi to put him near Haku.(Because Haku came from a certain village and was "pure", it started to snow)Then Zabuza says stuff like "My dear Haku...Are you Crying?""If I could...If I were able to...I'd want to go to that same place on the other side...as you..."and then Haku (Despite being dead)starts to cry. Then they start to talk about going to some place, and then Kakashi says "Don't worry. You can go to that place with Haku. You can go there with Haku."and I could have sworn I was about to cry!That was such a nice story!

RIP: Zabuza Momochi and his assistant Haku

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