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Monday, March 20, 2006

Age and anime
So before i get any further in this post i am NOT meaning any disrespect with this post, just an observation i have made and please don't take it personally.
Well something i have noticed in my short time here on myotaku is that a lot of my friends or people who sign my guestbook and i check out their sites were generally born in the 90's (those who have thier b-day posted that is), I havn't really seen anyone who is born in the 80's which i guess kinda again makes me feel a little old...and then to add to this the fact that most of the people on myotaku have probably been watching anime as long, if not longer than i have (about 5 years maybe 6). I didn't even start reading manga till this year also....i don't know its just something i noticed and just thought i might share....What are your opinions on this matter....again please remember the disclaimer at the beginning of this post!

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