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Saturday, September 3, 2005

itz been a while sence i updated well itz cuz skool started on monday and i get tired of doin homework and shit lol we have block scheldule now and itz a bitch we also got a new principle and he is realli strict we cant even go 2 our lockerz at da end of da day till they call our bus # wtf I HATE IT on da 1st 3 dayz of skool i already had 2 tests T_T i didnt remember anythin tho lol well enough bout dat letz talk bout sumthin else lol.....

i changed my site a lil wut do u think? lol i took out some shit cuz my site takes 2 long 2 load lol and i FINALLY changed my avi!!!!! i had da other 1 sence 4eva lol well not 4eva i had other 1z b4 dat lol ok i had da other 1 4 a LONG time lol but im thinkin bout puttin it bak i dunno yet lol

labor day is comin up soo HAPPY EARLY LABOR DAY! lol im weird lol


OH YEAH I ALMOST 4GOT can u guyz go 2 my friendz site and read his intro PLEASE!!!!! he wants some help on sumthin well heres da link if u wanna go 2 his site^^

Roy Mustang90

if ur goin then thanxx alot^^!!!!!

well i g2g i ll leave u wit a pic of roy^^ I LOVE ROY!!!!!

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