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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

im soo tired i woke up 2 early lol i havent updated in a while again cuz i dunno wut 2 type lol lets c...i went 2 da mall 2 dayz ago and got nuthin well i had $40 wit me but it wasnt enough lol im gonna go bak 2 da mall soon tho and my mom owes me $20 soo datz enough^^ i think? lol oh yeah i played my FMA game but im stuck sumwhere and i got kinda far i guess^^ i dont remember wut chapter tho lol ummm...i still didnt get my psp yet but i ll wait cuz i know its gonna b a while lol and my aunts bein an ass cuz she asks me 2 sleep ova her house 2 help her move and i said no but my mom and dad said go help her soo i slept ova her house and da next day we aint even pack anythin wtf? and datz y i said no 2 her cuz dat shit just pisses me off well i have nuthin else 2 say soo im gonna go now bye^^ i ll leave u wit a pic of dark and daisuke

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