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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   Hey Its Been A While.....
im bored as shit right now and theres nuthin 2 talk bout i just wanted 2 update 2day lol well lets c...i still havent gotten my psp yet and i dunno when my mom is gettin it 4 me and on thursday i was out and people came ova my house and these fuckin kids messed up soo much of my shit i dont even know y they came they took sum of my candy and alot of coinz i was fuckin pissed when i got home i had 2 clean up everythin and alot of my stuff was gone well i went 2 my cousins house on sunday and saw those damn kids i was still kinda pissed soo i slapped them lol they re realli annoyin i cant stand them but im aii now lol well i changed da music^^ lol i love dis song! next time i ll put up young gunz-set it off lol i like dat song 2 but i think errtime is better lol well theres nuthin 2 talk bout soo im gonna go now bye^^ i ll leave u wit a pic of ken^^

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