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Friday, July 1, 2005

sorry i havent been here in a while its cuz i was at my aunts house da whole time and she doesnt have internet well i did have fun^^ lol i stayed up realli late cuz i drank red bull lol i drink alot of red bull and datz not good 4 me well i stayed up till 4:30 almost everyday i slept ova her house well ALOT more funny thingz happened but if i typed it all dis post would b realli long and i dont think u guyz like long posts lol i came bak home 2 dayz ago and i was plannin 2 post but i was realli busy soo i couldnt well i went 2 da mall yesterday lol and i got another dvd! its d.n.angel volume 4 but i havent watched it yet cuz ive been busy =( well i got report cardz and here r my gradez:


i think these gradez arent dat bad i did better than last year cuz i got alot of Ds last year which suxx lol well i g2g i ll leave u wit a pic^^

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