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Friday, June 17, 2005

2day s my birthday^^ and i dont want a party but i know my mom will still make 1 4 me no matter how many times i say i dont want a party lol im not gonna show up if she makes 1 my ass will probably b at da mall lol and im gettin a PSP 4 my birthday!!!!! lol oh yeah i went 2 da mall again a couple dayz ago and got another dvd lol i got samurai champloo volume 1^^ and i still miss adan ALOT he gave me his number twice but im 2 nervous 2 call him lol he gave me his address 2 lol but i dont think i wanna go 2 his house and if i did my mom will kill me lol well i think datz all i have 2 say soo bye^^ i ll leave u 2 pics!!!!! lol

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