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Saturday, April 16, 2005


yay its saturday! i cant wait 2 watch FMA 2night im gonna love it lol im still kinda busy soo if i dont get 2 all of ur sites 2day i am sooo sorry and i didnt even watch FMA volume2 yet and i got it on sunday that suxx i need 2 watch it well this was kinda short and here r my answers 2 ur questionz!

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?- ummm... i dunno lol

mike or chester?- i LOVE mike i like chester 2 but i think mike is better^^

are you tired?- yeah im tired

Fav anime?- ummm...Pilot Candidate, Yu Yu Hakusho, Kenshin, Gravitation, Rave Master, Knight Hunters, DNAngel, Spiral, and Fullmetal Alchemist i love alot of anime but these r my favorites

Why did you make an account on myotaku?- i wanted 2 make wallpapers and greetings lol but l8er on i didnt even make alot well its cuz when i made an account on MyO my internet broke down after a week i joined and i never got it fixed untill 6 months soo i been on otaku 4 a long time^^

Who is the most hated person in your life?- ummm... dis fuckin bitch named kenji i fuckin hate him

How did you come across MyO/Otaku?- well i was searchin 4 anime quizzes cuz i was REALLY bored 1 day lol and i saw otaku soo i clicked on it and was lookin at da different things de had like da wallpapers and greetings and i wanted 2 make sum soo i decided 2 join and it said it was free lmao

Who are your favourite anime bishie and why?- ummm... thats a hard 1 i dunno i like alot lol

What's the longest time you've slept?- lets c... i think 13 hours lol well it was cuz i was REALLY tired that day

"I wonder if I take you home, would you still be inlove baby, inlove baby?" Which new song is this chorus from?- damn i 4got wut da hell i know it but its just not there right now

Who's a better rapper? Jay-Z or 50 cent?- damn thats a hard 1 uhh... i dunno i like them both

Who' hotter? 50 cent or Usher?- de both have a nice body^^ but i think usher is cuter

Whats your fav color?- i love red!

Do u like Linkin Park's Numb?- hell yeah i love numb its my favorite song by linkin park

can i get the code so i can add it on my site?- yeah u just PMed me i sent it 2 u already

do u no who sings 1 2 step?- yeah ciara featurin missy eliot

What kind of computer do you have?

a) Compaq Presario

b) Dell

c) I ran over it w/ my motor cycle

d) other... - i have a optiquest

If you had a hammer would you...

a) Hammer in the morning

b) Hammer in the evening - LMAO im alwayz tired in da morning

c) I don't have a hammer

d) You're on crack...

Do you smell when the Rock is cookin?

a) Yes

b) No - i dont understand y he sayz that lol

c) What?

d) **Runs away**

i dont think thats alot of questions but wuteva it was fun! but i didnt get alot of comments yesterday which suxx

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Friday, April 15, 2005


Fullmetal Alchemist-Yellow Generation

Fullmetal Alchemist-Kesenai Tsumi

Fullmetal Alchemist-Ready Steady Go

sorry i havent updated in a while i was busy wit homework and im also busy 2day soo i dont think i can answer da questionz i am sooo sorry even tho i didnt get alot of questionz i still dont have time i ll do it 2morrow =( sorry well if u didnt ask any questions bout me u can now^^ i dont mine how many tho but i think 3 is aii and if i didnt comment on ur page i am soo sorry im really busy 2day and 2 make it up i put 3 FMA mp3s i hope u like it! oh yeah i got fma volume2 on sunday! and i cant wait 2 get spiral and yyh l8er on dis month well dis iz a short post lol i g2g bye i ll leave u wit a sexy pic of ED!!!!! lmao

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Saturday, April 9, 2005


hey well i didnt get FMA number 2 yesterday cuz de ran out damn it and i got enough money soo i could buy all da 3 dvds i need this month well i cant do anythin bout it right? and its like 1:30am right now and its soo borin im at my aunts house im sleepin over here soo i dont think i can visit all of ur sites 2day i am soo sorry i ll try my best 2 do it and can u please ask me like 3 questions bout me i wanna answer them cuz i alwayz wanted 2 know wut u guyz would ask me soo please ask like 3 questions or more if u want and i ll try 2 answer them a soon as i can and i cant wait till FMA plays 2night i wanna c it soo bad i ll love this episode lol well i g2g this is a short post lol dont leave a comment wit out questions! please =)

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Friday, April 8, 2005

   No Skool!!!!!

theres no skool 2day cuz its professional s day and im goin 2 da mall again i went yesterday and three dayz ago i go 2 da mall alot well i dont think its a bad thing lol three dayz ago i got a manga called kagerou-nostalgia and yesterday i got a manga called your and my secret and i got both of them 4 $5 it was a sale and when i told my friendz de were like wtf r u serious and i was like fuck yeah lol soo i told them 2 go 2 da mall oh yeah i also got 2 roy action figures lol but they re different and 2day when i get 2 da mall im probably gettin FMA number 2 im not sure cuz i dont have enough money 2 get spiral number 4 and yyh number 30 at da end of da month well i guess i have 2 beg my mom or dad lol oh yeah i added 2 more songs on my page i put back numb/encore i had numb/encore on my page a long time ago and i put hate it or love it remix up there i love those songs and does any1 know wut happened 2 inuyasha311 i cant find her on my friend list wait did she delete her account? well i g2g bye

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

   I Love Saturdayz!

i cant wait till FMA plays 2night i m gonna love it lol well i love all da FMA episodes that played on tv soo y wouldn t i love this 1 lol well i know how 2 make GIFs now YAY i made those 2 GIFs up there^^ and spring break is almost over that suxx it seems soo short and i was looking 4 FMA pics soo i can make a wallpaper and i read a spoiler damn it i hate spoilers i was goin crazy when i read it and ur probably wondering y da hell did u read it then right? well cuz i was reading da captions soo i know which pic i should put up and 1 of da captions was a spoiler and it told u it was a spoiler after u finished readin it damn it im soo fuckin pissed i hate that damn site soo i just stopped tryin 2 find pics and i didnt finish my wallpaper soo i deleted it well u havent heared me talk bout him in a while right? well his birthday was 2 dayz ago and i think he invited people 2 his party but he didnt tell me 2 come which suxx he has da damn directory shit i was kinda pissed but i m aii cuz im tryin 2 get over his dumbass but its hard cuz i liked him 4 a long time but sumthing tells me i need 2 cuz he likes another girl u know theres no point in tryin 2 get wit him well wuteva i 4got 2 post yesterday well i hope every1 had a happy april fool's day! i didnt lol and theres gonna b a linkin park, 50 cent, and eminem tour soon i cant wait i might go my mom isnt sure=( but i love them all well i g2g bye

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


i think im sick cuz on easter i went outside in da rain wit no jacket on 2 help my little cousin find eggs damn it i hate this and y does it have 2 happen on fuckin spring break shit well wuteva i cant do anythin bout it and last night i went 2 7eleven at 11:00 and i accidently stepped back and bumped my sister and i screamed OH SHIT lmao i dont know y i did that tho and da guy that was workin there started laughin it was soo funny and im tryin 2 get this play list on my page i have da code but i just need 2 fill in da URL i hope it works and im gettin da new yu yu hakusho and spiral dvd next month i cant wait well i g2g bye

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   I Missed U People

im soo glad im back i missed u guyz soo much even tho i didn t post 4 only a day lol well it was boring there de had nuthin 2 do except watch tv and eat well we were gonna go 2 da mall but de didn t want 2 go anymore T_T i didnt c y de wanted 2 stay de only watched tv damn it was boring well at least im back! and i got spiral number 3 YAY i loved it! i cant wait 2 get number 4 its gonna b da shit lol oh i almost 4got its easter well happy easter every1 im goin 2 my aunts house 4 easter 2day i ll probably b on da computer tho and my stupid friend said hes still workin on da screenshots i am soo sorry i still need 2 wait i ll post them up as soon as i can get them k? oh and yesterday i came home right b4 FMA played i was soo happy and i loved that episode^^ i cant wait till next saturday well i g2g i ll leave u wit sum pics^^

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Friday, March 25, 2005

   Spring Break!

oh yeah its spring break well it started yesterday 4 me lol and im goin 2 New Jersey 2day soo i dont think i can visit all of ur sites i am sooo sorry when i come back i go 2 ur sites aii and i submitted 2 fan arts click here 2 c da 1st fan art and click here 2 c da 2nd fan art i hope u like them oh yeah i changed da song on my page i still have linkin park high voltage but i changed da other song 2 nas just a moment i love those songz and i got my money but de only had spiral number 2 soo im getting number 3 2day i cant wait well i g2g i ll try 2 get 2 all of ur sites 2day aii bye

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Sunday, March 20, 2005


thanxx YokoBandit 4 da banner up there ur soo sweet^^ and 4 yesterday thanxx Inuyasha311 4 da box ur sweet 2^^ i love u people lol thanxx again! and i couldn t go 2 da mall yesterday cuz my damn aunt said she couldn t take me this is when we re talkin on da phone and i got fuckin pissed she was supposed 2 take me on da 8th cuz thats her day off but now its da 20th damn it and on da phone she said i told her 2 give me da money and i was like wut da fuck i never said that and then i said whatever bye and hung up b4 she said anything then l8er on she came 2 my house and said i have da money and i was like u better and she was like excuse me and i said u know how long i ve been waiting and she didn t say anything and i had 2 go 2 a party that day and when i was putting on my shoe she came up 2 me and said i have 2 give u da money 2morrow and shes holding da damn money in her hands as shes sayin this 2 me wtf so i was like wut da hell wutz that in ur hand and she was like y do u have 2 get soo mad and i said y wouldn t i and i just left and went 2 da car i m goin 2 da mall 2day but i m stopping by her house and pickin up my money i cursed alot more but i just dont feel like typin it and thats how i am i just dant get along wit my aunt i say shes a dumbass in front of my mom and shit but its whatever tho cuz i curse in front of my family all da time well cuz de do it 2 and i loved FMA yesterday but i had 2 watch it at da party cuz i didn t get home untill 3 in da morning and they re computer is soo slow i couldn t do anything and spring break is comin soon yay i cant wait but i cant go 2 NY cuz my mom and dad changed da plans damn it well i g2g bye

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Saturday, March 19, 2005


i finally got da box workin its at da bottom tho cuz i didn t have enough space on my profile and da background is da kurama pic up^ there i love that pic my friend e-mailed it 2 me and i went 2 da mall on tuesday and got dnangel cuz de didn t have spiral and i couldn t go 2 da mall yesterday cuz my aunt is fakin on me again damn she pisses my off she said we re gonna go 2 da mall 2day well i hope she ain t lyin and i submitted my first fanart yay click here 2 c it! i hope u like it! and 2day is saturday^^ i love saturdayz i can t wait 2 watch FMA and i finally finished my gravitation pic i put it on my profile i hope u like it! and if u go look at da bottom of my box i made a button 4 myself! u can put it on ur site if u want^^ well i g2g bye

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